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Title: Ministry video. To God be the glory.
Post by: daniel1212av on November 11, 2008, 10:19:43 AM
I am blessed to be as part of a small (in people) faith tract ministry, and about 3 years ago a few avant garde type guys (see credits at end) came up with the idea of interviewing  street evangelists. While I am not sure of the faith of all those who did the documentary, as part one of the ministries interviewed (the one with Bob), and by permission I compiled a small portion of some of the interviews.  I had the .vob files to work with, and found a freeware app called VirtualDub.vob that enable me to easily cut out portions of them, and which i joined together with Windows movie maker, which worked well in making a 9 minute video, praise the Lord.   All of which helps viewers to understand the what and why of the preacher's work.

See it or download it here

And here is a simple 15 minute attempt at an audio video gospel "tract:"  It is my prayer that souls turn to the Lord Jesus from sin and receive and follow Him who died for them and rose again! Praise the Lord

The download wmv files have better video quality. Let me know your critique

(Note, i could not play it in Firefox 3.0.3, but i could in IE)