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Post by: livingbyfaith on November 08, 2008, 01:06:35 PM
 :)  Another thing that has happened this past summer!  Praise the Lord!

This story happened on the evening my son-in-law , Ron got baptized in the river near my home.  One more exciting incident to add to my glorious memories.

I was talking on the phone to my daughter .  She mentioned that Ron was getting baptized in the river at 6 P.M..  It was already 5:30..  I didn't have far to go and I went just like I was.  A group sang several anointed worship songs.

I found a seat out of the hot sun.  I didn't seem to know any body.  Then I spotted my son-in-law's mother.  Talked to her for a little while and we walked over to where Ron was.  Jokingly I told him not to expect a dove to fall on him like it did on Jesus when he got baptized. 

I told this to Don a young man who was singing. He played the part of Jesus in quite a few of the Easter Pageant every year. You would almost think it was Jesus!  Played teh part perfectly.

Don whispered “Don't be surprised at what might happen.”

We parted and I found a seat closer to the baptism spot---a wonderful ring side seat!  I was amazed when I looked up toward the sky and saw a white sea gull flying low.  It dived into the river and swam around the very part where the baptism was to be.  All I could think of was that the bird was the Holy Spirit  blessing the water before anyone went in.  That water is filthy! But cleansed for the baptism.

After that one, another  flew in the opposite direction just above the spot where the frst one stirred the water.  To my amazement, four or five others circled around where the water was stirred up.

Don smiled at me and came over.  I started to tell him what I saw.  He saw it, too.
“Awesome, wasn't it?”  He believed the way I did about the Holy Spirit being there to bless all those baptized.   No one else even noticed it!

Yes!  In a different way, the Holy Spirit  was there to witness the ceremony.
And God let us know he was well pleased!  God is so awesome as to how He “talks” to us.  I'll never forget this.  God bless you.  May you have similar experiences.