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Title: Spreading the gospel on the short track
Post by: Soldier4Christ on July 13, 2008, 12:16:50 PM
Spreading the gospel on the short track

Short-track racing is growing, and along with the growth comes a need for chaplains.

Short-track racing involves events on tracks a half-mile long or less. Pastor Ron Reiser, from Mobile, Alabama, is associated with the Christian Rodders and Racers Association. He says the group is trying to develop a trackside fellowship among race drivers, mechanics, crew, and others in order to make them aware of their need for Christ and growth in their Christian faith.

Reiser says the approach is two-pronged. "We...[develop] Bible studies in their race shops...,[and] prayer times at the racetrack...," he explains. He says it is like a pastoral care and counseling type of ministry.

And with 1,800 tracks around the country, Rieser contends there is always a need for volunteer chaplains. "...[Chaplains] have to have a commitment to Christ," says Reiser. "...[And] they have to be involved in a local church and be active in that local church." Chaplains also must be willing to make a commitment to be at the race track when it is operating, he continues, and in some cases they have to be willing to travel with a particular circuit.

Last season Reiser led five people to Christ.