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Title: SOUL
Post by: verseode on June 19, 2008, 01:28:39 AM


         Our soul is like suet, all stodgy and thick
         Unyielding, it doesn't like change
         It loves to remain in it's normal domain
         Comfortable in it's own range
         But when it's disturbed by the Spirit of God
         It puts up a fence, tough and strong
         Jesus is barred, our relationship marred
         From our hymn sheet we sing different songs.

         But we have The Word, and with the Spirit concurred
         Starts softening that stodgy old mass
         The Word is retained and the soul is retrained
         As Christians, we move up a class
         So we must be stern if our soul is to learn
         That it's time in control is abating
         Like Jesus we'll be and the darkness will flee
         The world is dependent and waiting.