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Title: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on May 29, 2008, 01:35:16 PM
Has anyone been watching 'God's News Behind the News' on TBN? Joe Van Koevering has been showing some really interesting exerpts of a conference they just held at his church in Florida. I'd like to quote some of the highlights if I can. It's in 3 parts that begin with some historical background and ends with some really incredible info about the super highway being built in the Midwest that leads from Mexico to the US and Canada. This may be long but please stick with it as there is some really good info:

Part I

"Several weeks ago I was sitting down with some of my friends, and telling them all of the research I'd been doing on how America's about to change, and out of this man's mouth who I was sitting with and is not a minister or anything but a member of this church, he says a man walked in my store just today and told me about the new currency - the Amero - that's coming for America, and I took the opportunity to tell him about what's going on - that many people are ignorant of, and unaware of - That is Canada, America (USA) and Mexico soon to become a region that could be called 'Canamerico' - the coming N. American Union.

Many authors and researchers over the years, many great men have documented at Christian Conferences or in books that they've written - the unseen hand of history. When I say that I'm talking about elite groups who desire a One World Gov't., a global society, a New World Order. Of course the list has many characters and many names, some of which you're familiar with already like:

The Untied Nations
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission
The Bilderberg Group
The World Bankers (the Rothchilds & Rockefellers)
The Club of Rome
The Illuminati

Now somebody said 'Joe, you're not one of those conspiracy guys are ya?' Let me remind you that the words 'conspired', and 'conspirators', and 'conspiracy' all appear no less than 30 times in our Bible. So I don't have to be a conspiracy nut, all I have to do is believe the Bible.

Here's what I know for sure

1- Satan is a deceiver and he'd gonna masquerade his deception with light (Isaiah 14) - 2 Corinthians 11:14 says Satan that says '...Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light...'

So let's not say we're conspiracy theorists, let's just say we believe the Bible

2 - Satan will successfully bring his 'Man of Sin' into the earth (The AntiChrist) many verses prove that (Daniel) (2 Thess. 2:3-4)

3- The Anti-Christ will seek to bring the world together politically, religiously and economically. (Revelation 13)

Now before I talk about America, I must tell you what happened in Europe. For you see there's a very important man, Jean Monnet, a Frenchman, widely regarded as the Father of the modern day European Union. You may not know this but the European Union that exists today really began with a trade agreement between 2 European nations, called the European Coal and Steel Communtiy, or the ECSC. It was an experimental 6 nation international organization and the first to be based on supranational principles and served as the foundation for the modern day European Union.
This beginning is called 'Incrementalism', in other words one act will lead to another, which will lead to another, and so on. The eventual expected end - see decisions, no matter how small, will lead to additional decisions, and those additional decisions will eventually  lead you to a determined end.

Time Magazine did an article on Jean Monnet stating, "The Schuman Declaration on May 9, 1950, (later celebrated as Europe Day,) based on the work of Jean Monnet, laid out a plan foa a European Community to pool the coal and steel of its members in a common market. He proposed that 'Franco-German production of coal and steel as whole be placed under a common High Authority, within the framework of an organization open to the participation of the other countries of Europe."

Such an act was intended to help economic growth and cement peace between France and Germany, who had previously been long time enemies. Coal and steel were particularly symbolic as they were the resources necessary to wage war. It would also be a first step to a "European federation".

The European Union succeeded because it's supporters took the incremental approach. While advancing step by step to a United Europe they studiously avoided suggesting that their goal was to create a super government. They denied it when they were asked. What began as a coal and steel agreement advanced to a Common Market and ended as a regional government. Exactly as Jean Monnet had always wanted as he expressed in the closing words of his memoirs. He said,
"The sovereign nations of the past could no longer solve the problems of the present. They cannot ensure their own own progress or control their own future. And the Communtiy itself is only a stage on the way to the organized world of tomorrow."

Incrementalism - it's what led the nations of Europe to unite.

There's an interesting book called 'The Great Deception' by Christopher Booker and Richard North. In this book, perhaps the most comprehensive examination of the emergence of the EU yet written, the authors conclude:
"Even though he had long since been honored as the 'Father of Eiurope', Jean Monnet had always preferred to work behind the scenes, away from the limelight. He knew that only by operating in the shadows, behind a cloak of obscurity, could he one day realize his dream. What he pulled off...was to amount to a slow-motion coup d'etat - the most spectacular coup d'etat in history."

What began as a trade agreement and then took a series of incremental steps, eventually moved to a European Commmon Market and finally into a European Regional Government. Once Europe started taking steps toward economic unity, political untiy followed.

On Jan. 1, 2002 the Euro was introduced and the traditional National Currencies of the participating EU Countries were fazed out.

Will the same be said of the US a few years from now?

Why do I make such a bold question? Because if you do not know it let me break the news, there are movements afoot in Mexico, in Canada and in the US similar to those in Europe that led to the formation of the EU. And if left unchecked will erode US sovereignty and lead to a N. American Union. There are flags being designed to combine the 3 flags of those nations and more and more you'll begin to see these images in order to condition us.

Another interesting book written by a man that won the 2002 Nobel Prize for Economics called 'Making Globalization Work' by Joseph Stiglitz. It fully documents how previous steps toward globalization have fallen short of their intended goal and and presents key elements of needed refinement.

He says, 'If any trade agreement were to be a success it should have been the one among Mexico, the US and Canada. Enacted in 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) created what was at the time the largest free trade area in the world, with 375 million people and the GDP of nearly $9 trillion."
"...Not only did NAFTA not lead to robust growth; it can even be argued that in some ways it contributed to Mexico's poverty."
"Whle developing countries may suffer from trade liberalization, they are not always in a position to reap its benefits through increased exports. There are several reasons for this: One already noted is that they often lack the infrastructure (ports and roads) needed to move their products."

Stiglitz solution:

"The EU recognized the wisdom of this basic approach when in 2001 it unilaterally opened up its markets to the poorest countries of the world, taking away (almost) all tarrifs and trade restrictions without demanding political of economic concessions, The rationale was the European consumers would benefit from lower prices and more product diversity, while it would cost European producers a negligible amount, it could be of enormous benefit to the poorest countries, and it was a strong demonstration of goodwill."

Stiglitz concludes "The global financial system is not working well, and it is especaially not working for the developing counties. money is flowing uphill, from the poor to the rich. The richest country in the world, the US, seemingly cannot live within its means borrowing $2 billion a day from poorer countries."

He goes on, "The problems of the global financial system are systematic and have much to do with the global reserve system. The world is already moving out of the dollar system, but that doesn't mean that it is moving toward a better system - and, sadly, little thought has been given to where it is going or how it could should evolve. This single initiative could do more to make globalization work than any other. It would not eliminate the problems faced by developing countries, but it would make things better, It would enhance global stability and blobal equity. It is not a new idea, but it is an idea perhaps whose time has come!"

In other words, if we moved away from dollars and moved toward a global reserve system this one step could do more to making globalization work than any other.

On Feb. 16, 2001, Pres. Bush met with Vicente Fox in his home in Mexico. This was Pres. Bush's very first official visit with a foreign leader.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on May 29, 2008, 03:04:23 PM
Part II

During the joint press conferece that followed their meeting both presidents spoke in general terms about a prosperity partnership between Mexico, the US and Canada. President Fox commented that 'we have identified a renewed will for cooperation to design together with our Canadian partners, a region guided by the search for shared prosperity.'

President Bush said, 'I came here today to seek President Fox's views on how we can go about building on our partnership".

What began in 2001 as 'cooperation' and 'partnership' is now the formation of a North American community and trade zone.

On March 23, 2005 the 3 N. American leaders agreed to start taking steps toward their full participation in the 'Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)."

With this announcement the US, Mexico and Canada entered into a new era, even if the public of the three countries did not fully comprehend the importance of the declaration.

A working paper, created by the Council on Foreign Relations entitled "Creating a North American Commnity" (available on the internet) says:

When the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the US meet in Texas on March 23, they'll be representing countries whose futres are shared as never before
The ever-deepening integration of N. America promises enormous benefits for its citizens. These benefits, however, are neither inevitable nor irreversible. The process of change must be properly managed."
"To build on the advances of the past decade and to craft an agenda for the future, we propose the creation, by 2010 of a communtiy to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity for all North Americans. To that end, we propose a community based on the premise that each member benefits from its neighbor's success and is diminished by its problems. The boundaries of all community would be fefined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter. Within this, the movement of people and products would be legal, orderly and safe. the overarching goal is to guarantee a free, safe, just and prosperous N. America."

"We focus our recommendations on the cration of a single economic space that expands the economic opportunities for all people in the region, and the establishment of a security zone that protects the region from external threats while facilitating the legitimate passage of goods, people, and capital." (That is products, people and money.)
"The governments of Canada, Mexico and the US should commit themselves to the long term goal of dramatically diminishing the need for the current intensity of the governments physical control of traffic, travel, and trade within N. America."

The formation of the SPP was finalized on March 23rd. According to articles on the White House Website (available to all), the vision is to have a border strategy. Now isn't that working good? You know why it's not working? Because they don't want it to. If we had a secure border that worked this plan wouldn't go into effect. So we have this new plan to help us secure the border problem that we don't know how to fix, but if we wanted to it could be fixed in about 45 days.

They propose a "single ntegrated North American trusted traveler program..." a new card or some kind of traveler protection program that allows you to go into Canada or Mexico whenever you want very easily, and vice-versa.

The SPP was never submitted to Congress for debate and decision. There was no law signed by the president, and no treaty ratified by the senate.

In many respects this growing partnership is traveling at warp speed yet remains under the radar of the media, the national press and the American public. You can go on the website and check it out yourself.

World Net Daily
Feb. 7, 2008

North America confab' undermines' democracy

A closed door meeting of high level government and business leaders that discussed the merger of North America was designed to subvert the democrativ process, charged an attendee of the confab in Banff, Canada.

Mel Hertig a noted Canadian author and publisher provided World Net Daily an agenda and attendee list of the N. America forum at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Hertig said "the secret meeting was designed to undermine the democratic process. What is sinister about this meeting is that it involved high level government officials. Some of the top business leaders of the 3 countries The foreman of the meeting intentionally did not inform the press  of the 3 countries. It was clear that the intention was to keep this important meeting about integrating the 3 countries out of the public eye

Attending the Banff meeting was Robert Pastor...who was involved from the very outset, way back in the beginning. He was involved with the working paper from the CFR previously mentioned. He is the director of the Center for N. American Studies at American Univ. Pastor is widely known for his extensive writings arguing for the creation of a N. American Union, a new super regional mass N. American government based on the model of the EU, with the intent of subrogating the sovereignty of the US.

Pastor was a co-chair on the Council of Foreign Relations Task Force - Building a N. American Community (referred to previously). About 1/3 of the listed members of the CFR task force attended this Banff conference. One prominent participant in both was Carla A. Hills who served as US trade representative from 1989-1993 and was the primary US negotiator for NAFTA. I think something's going on.

Like Jean Monnet, America has it's own such organizer, intellectual, and political operative (with his own 'vision for the future') who has taken it upon himself to foster a North American community: Robert Pastor.

He's written a book called "Toward a North American Community" (available on the internet).

Robert Pastor has a long and established career as a left wing policy advisor. In what appears to be his first job after getting his Ph. D. from Harvard, Pastor served as the executive director of the Linowitz Commission. Formally named the Rockefeller Foundation's Commission on US-Latin America Relations, the commission for its unofficial name from it's chaiman, Sol Linowitz, who was registered foreign agent of the communist regime of Salvadore Allendale in Chile. Today, the commission is primarily remembered for recommending that the US return the Panama Canal to Panama. Prior to joining the Linowitz Commission, Pastor contributed to a report entitled 'The Southern Connection', issued by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). The report foreshadowed the Linowitz Commisions argument the US should be more accepting of the leftist revolutionary governments then forming in Latin American. Author David Horowitz, of Discover the called this organization, the IPS, "America's oldest left wing think tank that has long supported communist and anti-American causes around the world." By it's own admission the IPS admits it is an avowedly radical organization, created to influence public policy in a lefward direction.

In Pastor's book he applauds Mexico's Vicente Fox and his willingness to join together with the US and Canada. Fox has, Pastor says, studies the EU experience in integrating poor countries on its periphery and he boldly proposed replacing the free trade area (US, Canada and Mexico) witha a free trade market. Pastor says his book is to take the skeleton of Fox's vision and graft a body onto it.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on May 29, 2008, 07:53:49 PM

Part III

Pastor's book also deals with the need for a  unified currency. After describing the chanllenges with the Federal Reserve system and the 'dollarization" instability, Pator propses: 'An alternative would be to establish a new currency. That, of course is the point of the Euro, and that is the essence of a proposal developed by Grubel in a paper for the Simon Fraser Institute in Vancouver. He makes the case for a North American Monetary Union with a central bank and a common currency(that is with Mexico and Canada), which he dubs the "Amero."

Pastor recognizes that 'it will be very hard for the Americans to give up the dollar even for an instrument that is its equivalent in everything but name."

But he concludes: "In the long term, the Amero is in the best interests of all three countries."

The downcline of the dollar verses the Euro has got to happen.According to Herbert G. Grubel, in a 1999 Fraser Institute paper called 'The Case for the Amero":

"The plan for a North American Monetary Union presented in this study is designed to include Canada, The US, and Mexico. Under the proposed plan, bank notes and coins of the currency (tentatively called the 'amero') will have 'amero' symbols on one side and national emblems on the other to preserve important symbols of national identity. The conversion of existing currencies into the amero will take place at rates that leave unchanged each country's real income, wealth, and international competativeness at the time of conversion."

He goes on to say, "Implicit in this development is a threat to the reputation of the dollar as a stable currency. I am convinced that for the US the benefits outweigh the costs and risks from the creation of a North American Monetary Union, as they did when the country joined other international organizations in the past. I hope that this judgment will be shared by those in the position to move the initiative forward."

So he says as long as the dollar stays stable this is never going to happen. There's alot of elite thinkers behind alot of closed doors that think the initiative ought to go forward as well.

Now do you realize there is a NAFTA Super Highway already being built? You can go to the official NASCO website where this can all be found. NASCO means the North America Super Corridor Coalition. There they show how cheap goods from China and other parts of the Asian world will come into ports down in Mexico, and these Super Corridors are designed to take these goods and bring them right to the heart of America, namely Kansas City, and up into the various cities like Winnepeg and Ontario, Montreal and Toronto.

NASCO, the North American Super Corridor Coalition Inc, is a non profit organization dedicated to developing the world's first International, Integrated and secure, multi modal transportation system along the International Mid Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor tp o,[rpve bptje tje trade cp,[etotovemess amd qia;otu pf tje ;ofe om Mprtj A,eroca/

Kansas City SmartPort Inc., is an 'investor based organization supported by the public and private sector' to create the key hub on the NAFTA Super Highway...A brochure on the SmartPort website describes the plan in glowing terms. 'For those who live in Kansas City, the idea of receiving containers nonstop from the Far East by way of Mexico may sound unlikely, but later that seemingly far fetched notion will become a reality.l"

One of the quotes previously stated said NAFTA didn't work because they didn't have Ports and Roads, or infrastructure. So guess what? We're gonna build them.

I don't know if you've ever been to Kansas City, but it's not on a big body of water. There's a river there. But Kansas City is about to become a SmartPort. In the heart of our homeland, Kansas City is about to become a port, a SmartPort. You say how are they gonna do that? The public and private sector investors are supporting the building of this key hub on the NAFTA Super Highway.

There are literally hundreds of private investors oveseas investing billions of dollars, acquiring the land, sometimes through spurious means, to build this Super Highway. In fact, not only are they acquiring the land, you can find a computer rendering of what it's supposed to look like on the 'Trans Texas Corridor' website, which calls for separate lanes for cars and trucks; rail with seperate lines for passenger, highspeed freight, and commuter traffic; and a utility zone. This is being done right now.

There's a book called 'The Late Great USA (the coming merger with Mexico and Canada)' written by Jerome Corsi.  He says, "Today we face the possibility that the USA may not long endure. Our national sovereignty is being compromised in favor of an emerging regional government, designed by the elites for the elites..."
"The North American Union would not just be the end of America as we know it, but the beginning of an EU-like nightmare - a bureaucratic coup d'etat foisted upon millions of American citizens without their knowledge or consent."

I found this to be a very interesting report which included film from news stories that most of us haven't seen, including CNBC and CNN with Lou Dobbs which reported that the Canadians are upset about this business but the Americans are pretty much unaware of what's happening. The Amero and the end of the US as we know it. If you can catch the show there's alot more info and it's all happening as we speak.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on May 29, 2008, 08:08:55 PM

This is a fascinating article, and I can guarantee all readers that this has nothing to do with any wild conspiracy theory. One Google search will yield more hard facts than anyone could study in a year. By hard facts, I'm talking about evidence quality facts that would be accepted in a court of law. We would be talking about dates, times, locations, leaders, agendas, money trails, and just about anything you can dream of. This is and has been happening right under our noses for a long time. They even admit it, but they call it different names to make it sound better. Evidence indicates a FORCED INTEGRATION over and above the wills of the people in all three countries. This is not a joking matter, AND it is happening RIGHT NOW! It doesn't matter what the people of the three countries want. In fact, they don't plan to consult the people or ask the people to vote on or approve these ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS! In fact, the power brokers and big money folks are going to do this OVER THE OBJECTION OF THE PEOPLE!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on May 30, 2008, 11:59:15 AM
Hello Barbera,

I thank you also for posting this as I don't watch TBN but I have heard and read a lot about this unconstitutional movement by our government. Everything they said on TBN about this is in fact happening plus a whole lot more. There is a lot more additional information posted here on this forum:

This is not just another conspiracy nut case job. It is well documented throughout the internet and much of that proof is from government documents.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on May 30, 2008, 10:15:15 PM
Sister Barbara and Pastor Roger,

I'm almost sure I first read something about this issue from a Christian news source. It peaked my interest because it is a possible sign of the End Days of this Age of Grace. So, I decided to research it. That's been some time ago now, and I have a huge amount of material that's related to the Coming North American Union.

I was shocked with the amount of information, and many of the research sites were official government sites. I consider the proof of what's happening to be overwhelming and unquestioned. We will often even hear the selected "TERMS" that attempt to make things sound better from a President and other high-ranking officials of all three countries. In other words, they are NOT denying what is being attempted. They are simply trying to repackage it with other terms and make it sound different than what it actually is.

IT IS WHAT IT IS - THE COMING NORTH AMERICAN UNION. It really doesn't make any difference what terms they use or how they attempt to describe benefits. It's a sellout of sovereignty for three countries, and the leaders of those three countries DO NOT have the authority or permission of the people to do WHAT IS being done. What we are being told by these leaders is an INSULT TO OUR INTELLIGENCE.

Anyone can do a Google search for many terms used - including the real one - "NORTH AMERICAN UNION" and get tons of information. It is happening and IT IS A CRIME!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on May 30, 2008, 11:34:10 PM
In the last few days it has come out into the open that there is currently the same kind of movement in both South America, in Africa, North Asia. There has been a Central Asian Union forming now since 2007.

I haven't seen the information myself but from what I have been told is that there is currently 7 of these types of unions in the works that leave only three areas out of the matrix. Authority to do this from the people or not it does look like things will be coming together as the Bible says they will and it will be coming soon. There is after all a much higher authority than any people that tells us that these things will come to pass.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on May 31, 2008, 12:10:53 AM
In the last few days it has come out into the open that there is currently the same kind of movement in both South America, in Africa, North Asia. There has been a Central Asian Union forming now since 2007.

I haven't seen the information myself but from what I have been told is that there is currently 7 of these types of unions in the works that leave only three areas out of the matrix. Authority to do this from the people or not it does look like things will be coming together as the Bible says they will and it will be coming soon. There is after all a much higher authority than any people that tells us that these things will come to pass.


Brother, I've thought many times that we might be getting ready to see Bible Prophecy unfold. If so, I'm ready, and I think that many Christians are looking forward to this. We're just passing through. As Christians, our Citizenship is in Heaven. In many ways, I hope that the time IS drawing near. Our hopes and real riches are in CHRIST - NOT IN THIS EVIL AND DYING WORLD! So, there should be an ultimate priority in our prayers - GOD'S WILL BE DONE - use us LORD for YOUR WILL AND PURPOSE!

Love In Christ,


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on May 31, 2008, 12:18:53 AM
So, there should be an ultimate priority in our prayers - GOD'S WILL BE DONE - use us LORD for YOUR WILL AND PURPOSE!


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on May 31, 2008, 01:19:51 AM
I found some more information on these unions.

Existing Unions

1  European Union
2 African Union
3 Union of South American Nations
4 Pacific Union
5 Caribbean Community
6 Central Asian Union
7 Asian Union

Currently Forming Unions

8 North American Union (Currently called NAFTA)
9 Mediterranean Union
10 South Asian Union
11 East Asian Union (Proposed) (Currently it is thought that this one may be absorbed
                                                   by one of the other existing unions.)

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on May 31, 2008, 04:42:41 PM
Wow Pastor Roger and blackeyedpeas!

I'm so glad that more and more people know about this. But I have to say, the more I talk with people the more I see how completely unaware most Americans are. The part that bothers me most is the 'coup d'etat' that is happening beneath our very noses and not just most secular people but most Christians are not aware. It would probably be good for more of our pastors to be informing us of these things as I also believe as you do blackeyedpeas, it shows us how close we're coming to the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I also agree it will happen according to God's plan, and His Word will not come back to Him void!!
I just figure we're 'watchmen on the wall' and must tell each other how close the time is for the Lord's return.

I appreciate the link you supplied Pastor Roger. I plan on reading it right away. The other unions are very interesting. Ten regions, I think, is very Biblical!
I also never watched TBN until I lost Sky Angel. TBN picked up some of their programs, like this one I just quoted, so those are the ones we watch. Also never watch CNN but got some interesting quotes from their coverage of this ongoing occurance.

I've got quotes from a CNBC interview with Steve Previs, V.P at Jefferies Int'l Ltd., from Nov. 27, 2006:

Previs - We're coming into a cyclical bottom for gold and the rise is going into Dec. and January so that might be the reverse of the dollar fall. But apart from that I think one thing people who are dollar based need to focus on is the AMERO - that's the one thing that nobody's talking about but I think it's gonna have a big impact on everybody's life in Canada, the US and Mexico. If you google it you'll find out all about it.

Interviewer - Well - you could tell us a little more about it right now...

Previs - Well, the Amero is the proposed new currency for the North American Community which is being developed right now between Canada, the US and Mexico to make a borderless community that's like the EU, and the Canadian dollar, the US dollar and the Mexican peso will be replaced by the Amero.

Interviewer - Would you think that would make any leway?

Previs - Uh, you may wanna visit a couple of websites and see how far along it is - the Canadians are pretty upset about it, whereas the Americans, apart from the Texans who are the only people who know anything about it, the rest of the public's really um, sort of with their head in the sand on this one.

Interviewer - OK, we've already got NAFTA, the free trade zone, is that doing enough?

Previs - Well, uh, I'll tell you what. It's really created alot of illegal immigrants coming accross the border (laugh) um, I don't know, you get the pros and cons on this - that NAFTA for some people is a very good thing and for other people it's been a disaster. Uh, I think this is one way the politicians are trying to work themselves out of it - what potentially could be a disastrous situation going forward.

This is from CNN with Lou Dobbs - not sure of the date:

Dobbs - The Bush Administration's open border policy and it's decision to ignore the enforcement of this country's immigration laws is part of a larger agenda. President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the US as we know it - and he took the step without approval from either the US Congress or the people of the US. Bill Tucker reports...

Tucker - The Security and Prosperity Partnership of N. America sounds benign - hardly like a policy that critics call NAFTA on steroids - it's a deal that few have even heard of...

Marcy Kaptur/Ohio - It's being done again by very few people at the very top on behalf of the investment class. But the working class of people, the political officials accross our country from communities, from cities and so forth, they don't know anything about this.

Tucker - Yet it was agreed to by Mexico's Pres. Vincente Fox, Canada's Prime Minister Martin and President Bush in 2005. The Administration officials countered their critics by saying everything about SPP is on the White House website. They say it's an outline of priorities between the 3 countries. Still - some wonder why there haven't been public discussions about the goals being persued. Other parts of the agreement mention border security as an issue, which include all of N. America. In fact, the name of the agreement is not Security and Prosperity of the US but of N. America.

Peter Morici - When we elect officials we expect them to act on our behalf. When they get involved in cooperative frameworks with other countries for joint regulation of fisheries, or rail transportation, or the skies, we're basically sharing our soverignty with that gov't. and outsourcing some of what we give our own elected officials.

Tucker - As disturbing as some find SPP, there is legislation in the House introduced by Florida's Catherine Harris that closely resembles the goals of the Partnership. Included in that bill is a section that's called 'The Securing of Mexico's Southern Border' by the US and Canada. Lou, that's not the border with the US, that's the border they share with Belize and Guatemala.

Dobbs - The idea the White House would respond that this is on their website - uh, this involves intricate workings amongst the Commerce Dept. of this country, as well as Canada's and Mexico's, of course. A regional prosperity and security program, uh, this is absolute ignorance. And as we watch this thing progress, these working groups are continuing, they're intensifying, what in the world are these people thinking of?

Tucker - Well they say, 'Look, these are a declaration and an outline of our priorities. And when I called up today, they said I was the first phonecall they'd received, literally since the deal was first signed - so people are not paying attention and they're letting them, in fact, get away with this.

Dobbs - Yeah. I was asked the other day about whether or not the American people had the "stuff" to stand up and stop this nonsense. this direction from a goup of elites in absolute contervention of our law, of our constitution, uh, every national value - and I hope, I pray that I was right when I said 'Yes'. This is beyond belief...

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on May 31, 2008, 05:24:24 PM
Woe, Pator Roger!

What you wrote is head and shoulders above anything I wrote! Amazing information! And still we're all being kept in the dark, so to speak, as they move ahead with their plans. You've been posting this info since 2006 and they keep moving ahead. I know we need to keep telling everyone, whether they believe it or not, about what's going on. I usually get this 'yeah, right' kinda look when I tell someone. I guess they'll know sooner or later.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on May 31, 2008, 11:00:38 PM
There are so many different messed up conspiracies going around that when something like this happens it is hard to believe especially when it goes against our own laws. It is easy to understand why others dismiss it as another conspiracy theory. That and many people don't want to come out of their own protected little world to actually see what is going on around them until it actually comes right up and smacks them between the eyes.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: HisDaughter on June 01, 2008, 12:14:39 AM
I knew that fence was never going to get built and now I know why!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on June 01, 2008, 12:48:15 AM
I knew that fence was never going to get built and now I know why!

Hello GrammyLuv,

The people have already spoken on this issue. President Bush and others said that heard us loud and clear, so we got some lip service for a little bit. GROSS dereliction of duty is involved - not to mention the violation of many criminal statutes. I'M COMPLETELY SERIOUS WHEN I SAY THAT MANY ELECTED OFFICIALS NEED TO SPEND SOME TIME IN PRISON, AND THAT INCLUDES THE PRESIDENT!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 17, 2008, 11:46:30 PM
Gotta agree with you blackeyedpeas, and Jerome Corsi agrees with you too - that many politicians need to be tried for treason!

We've been watching a conference with Corsi from 2007 and what he explained AT THAT TIME about the N. American Union - since then so much activity has increased to that end.

He says:

"Today we're gonna talk about something that's extremely important to the soverignty of the US, to our ability to remain as a nation under God, indivisible with freedom and justice for all. I've written a book we're gonna focus on called 'The Late Great USA', which has become a best seller and I've tried very hard to get this message out. I'm writing on World Net Daily almost daily on the subject. And to begin I'd like to ask some questions - first of all I'd like to ask about a merger with Mexico, the US and Canada - and I'm gonna argue that this is a conscious plan of the Bush administration which has not been openly revealed or discussed with the people of the US, and equally hidden from the people of Mexico and Canada.

I enter the subject by asking 'Why is it that we're 6 years into the War on Terror, and yet we've not secured our borders with Mexico and Canada? It makes no sense at all. I've documented in the book that there are cases of terrorists coming over the border. All we have to do is look to Mohammad Korani - he bribed Mexican officials, he came over the border with Mexico with 'coyotes', set up in Dearborn, Michigan,  and was sending money back to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon - he's in Federal Prison. That's proof positive that terrorists have come accross the border with Mexico. The FBI had a few months ago, a gang conference. All the law enforcement for the countries in S. America were there, including Mexico. The FBI said MS13, this tatooed El Salvadorian gang, is in 42 US States, 2400 communities, going back and forth across the border like a revolving door - working with the Mexican drug lords. Drugs between the US and Mexico is a $250 billion business.

The Dept. of Homeland Security showed up at that FBI conference in El Salvador and told us that they were confident Al Queda was now in the mix with MS13 and the drug lords. And yet our border with Mexico and Canada is wide open. It demands an explanation.

Another question I'd like to ask is that our gov't. now admits that there are 12 million illegal aliens in the US. You know I wrote another book called 'Minutemen' about securing our borders with Mexico, with Jim Gilchrist. We spent time at the border, the border is wide open, much of it without any fence at all, and the gov't admits there's now 12 million aliens now predominantly coming from Mexico. There's probably more like 20 to 30 million illegal aliens in the US today. But just taking the gov't's figure of 12 million, we now have 1 tenth of the Mexican population living in the US today as Mexican national citizens. There are 47 Mexican counselor offices, soon to be 50, in the US to protect the civil rights of the Mexican nat'ls. living under the Mexican flag in the US. We've even seen the party of Vincente Fox hold a political meeting in the US to organize Mexicans to vote back in Mexican elections. We've already become a dual country. By 2010, it's expected that 1 out of every 5 people born in Mexico will be living in the US, 20 percent of Mexico's population.

How did this happen? This is not an accident. It's not that Bush forgot to close the borders - he was busy that weekend so he forgot. No, this is an intentional plan. And the plan was decided in what was called a Waco Texas Summit meeting, with Vincente Fox, and Paul Martin (the Prime Minister of Canada), and Pres. Bush. They met at Baylor Univ. The 3 leaders came with the flags behind them, blended into a mosaic of one flag, and announced that we were now in the Security and Prosperity Partnership with N. America. There is NO LAW, there is NO TREATY, it was simply a handshake, a wink and a nod, at a press relaease.

So we are now beyond NAFTA into the SPP, and what I argue in the 'Late Great USA' is the SPP is really a secret agreement between the 3 countries that our borders will be increasingly opened, and that we'll follow the same model the EU went through over a 50year period to end up being the European Union. They began in 1957 with a coal and steel agreement with the Treaty of Rome, just an economic agreement. And the peoples of Europe were told that in no way would they have a political union. But yet the elite who were advancing the plan and the multi-national businesses from the very beginning intended they would end up in a political European Union.

Jean Monnet, the chief French architect of the EU, said from the beginning he had a stealth plan, and he always lied. He wanted to eliminate German sovereignty from the beginning because they caused 2 World Wars. He wanted to severly disrupt and eliminate German soverignty and starting with a coal and steel agreement was a conscious plan so the could never get the coal and steel to create another powerful army. Monet knew that. Europe, through a series of transformations, went through the coal and steel agreement, to the European Common Market, the European Customs Union, created European institutions like the European Atomic Energy Commission and then became a European Communtiy. Jump to 2002, many of the states adopted the Euro.

Our elite and multi-national corporations are following the same plan. To begin with economic agreements they know will have to result in political and legal agreements in order to solve trade disputes and will push us down the path of a European Union like N. American Union. And as of now they've named our new currency the Amero, which will replace the dollar and be comparable to the Euro.

We have to look at how this plan has been put into place already...


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Post by: nChrist on July 18, 2008, 04:15:43 AM
Hello Sister Barbara,

YES - the plans are already in action, and many illegal and Unconstitutional acts have already been accomplished. Our government might as well have turned into a street gang that does what it wants to without any regard for the law and certainly no regard for the wishes of the people. Their actions are treason and gross dereliction of duty that has placed all of us in great danger. In a worst case scenario, their actions will cause our country to be brought down and left in a state of ruin. In a best case scenario, our security is non-existent, and many of us will probably die in various kinds of attacks from within our own borders. The collapse of our economy into chaos will probably be one of the first casualties. Big money people like the plan, but it has no concern for the safety and sovereignty of the people.

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Post by: Barbara on July 18, 2008, 10:30:31 AM
Amen, again, blackeyedpeas!

Corsi presents so many more really eye opening facts in this one that there's no doubt that there is an evil plan afoot. And our civil rights are being trampled on. He says later, the first thing to go will be the first and second ammendments! I'll quote as much as I can of what he said, and that was in 2007, I'd love to hear a more updated seminar. He's all over the country trying to get the word out and there are many that are against the SPP, but the elites keep doing their thing - money and greed are their motivation. We are being betrayed in order to make 3.4% of the population build up more of their billions of dollars!! Corsi doesn't believe we have a chance with Democrats or Republicans anymore. Things have changed.

Heres more from Corsi:

"So we have nearly 10% of Mexico's population living here. People say we could never really have a N. American Union in the US, we'd have to have a vote, we'd have to change the constitution, and people would never do that. The reality is that the elite multi- national corporations know - first they change the reality, and then the vote comes which can do nothing but support what they've put into place. So George Bush keeps the border open. At least 65% of these 12 million people, who now our gov't admits are iillegally n the US, have come in while George Bush has been president - that's close to a million a year since 2000. So now we're faced with this population of Mexico living in our midst as Mexican nationals and Bush says, 'well I can't solve this problem' - that he created, 'what do you want me to do, I can't round up 12 million people and send them back to Mexico'.

Well first of all, that's a straw argument. No one was ever talking about rounding up 12 million people and sending them to Mexico. We were talking about building a fence to keep more out, we were talking about enforcing our employment laws and takiing away the incentives to stay, then we knew many illegal aliens would return home. But Bush comes to Congress now twice, with a Kennedy/McCain so-called comprehensive reform bill which he tries to jam down the throat of the Senate and says 'you'll have to pass a law which legitimates the right of these 12 million illegals to stay. Comprehensive immigration reform, path to citizenship, guest workers. Well, the American people twice now have resoundingly said 'No'. A grass roots campaign of phone calls to Congress, to the White House. Congress and the Senate have twice now refused to pass this bill. And even though that's a victory, what have we yet accomplished? The 12 million illegal aliens are still living in our midst, we're still on our way to having 20 million illegal aliens.

Every time we turn around, George Bush has another proposal to open the borders with Mexico. So now the Dept. of Transportation has finally pushed through this demonstration project to allow 100 Mexican trucking companies to run their long haul rigs anywhere in the US they want. Again, US citizens are wildly opposed, there's no ability to have these trucks be assuredly safe. For instance, Mexico hasn't a single, certified alcohol or drug testing facility in the entire country. The Dept. of Transportation would say, 'well, we'll let the Mexican drivers submit specimens to US labs.' Well, this is ridiculous, because there's no way to know who the specimen came from. That's an insult to US truck drivers who are forced to go through rigorous testing, and rigorous drug and alcohol certification on a regular basis. And if they do not pass they are prevented from being able to drive. The other part of what we're doing with this test is secondly, Mexico doesn't have a data base nationally, so there's no way to know on a national basis if there are any criminals, who they are, that's all maintained at the state level. So when a drug cartel controlled country where identity theft is common, and corruption is the order of the day, anybody can get a Mexican commercial driver's license.

In the Rommels and Compion (sp?) case, our 2 border control agents, who are in Federal Prison 11 and 12 years, because all they tried to do was shoot after a fleeing Mexican drug smuggler. The drug smuggler, named D'Avila, testified at the trial. He admitted he brought 750 lbs. of marijuana across the border in a van. Guess what was also proven at trial - the Fed's proved he had a valid Mexican commercial driver's license on the day he commited the drug incident. Now if he can get a valid driver's license in Mexico and was smuggling drugs across the border, why is our Dept. of Transportation pushing Mexican trucks upon the American people?

The answer is again, because Bush has determined to do everything he can to open up borders between Canada and Mexico. despite what the American people say. And now the American people have voted again, in the House and the Senate, the most recent vote with senator Byron Dorgan - a Democrat from N. Dakota who had an ammendment that was overwhelmingly passed in a Senate bi-partisan vote, to remove all funds from the Dept. of Transportation funding budget for fiscal year 2008 to pay for the Mexican truck demonstration project. And a similar ammendment was passed in the House by Peter DeFazio, another Democrat from Oregon, he heads the transportation sub-committee in the House that oversees motor carriers.

Now, you'd think that this would send a message to the Dept. of Transportation. But they're waiting to see if it will be signed into law, and President Bush says he'll veto it. So the Dept. of Transportation, even with these votes of Congress, expressing overwhelmingly the sentiments of the American people, they have continued to allow the Mexican trucks to come across the border, in defiance of Congress. And when I talked to the Dept. of Transportation, we reported on it in World Net Daily, the DOT first said this was a pilot study, though they were not fullfilling the requirements of a pilot study; then the DOT said 'No, no - its a demonstration project; and now after the vote to remove their funds the DOT is saying it's not even a demonstration project - we don't need any funds - it's just an implementation. So I'm not sure even if these ammendments stay in the Transportation bill, the DOT won't stop allowing trucks to come across the border.

By the way, people said this is part of NAFTA. In fact Senator Cornin (?) on the floor of the senate, a Republican from Texas, even argued NAFTA was a treaty and we had an obligation to let Mexican trucks come over the border. NAFTA is not a treaty, it was a law passed by Bill Clinton in 1993/94, before it became effective, because Clinton didn't have enough votes in the Senate to get a 2/3 majority, which is what he would have needed in order to have a treaty ratified.

NAFTA then, when it's not a treaty, just a law, Bill Clinton had blocked the Mexican trucks from coming in. There was a NAFTA chapter 11 Tribunal, this is another judicial body - most Americans don't know that already stands above the Supreme Court, stands above the State Courts, overruled Bill Clinton and said we have to allow the NAFTA trucks to come in. So we're now enforcing a NAFTA Tribunal Decision, that overturns Bill Clintons executive decision, to allow Mexican trucks to come across the border unimpeded. When NAFTA has led us down the path - that's a clear indication of losing soverignty - having a NAFTA Tribunal dictate what we must do.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 18, 2008, 12:57:34 PM


"As you see the steps to open the border, my argument is that this is systematic. It's also incremental, one step at a time. Now people use the analogy of the little green frog, if you put a little green frog in a pot of water and you turn the heat up very slowly on the stove, the frog cooks to death, the frog only feels the heat growing slowly and goes to sleep until he dies. If you take the same frog, and throw him in a pot of boiling water on the stove the frog has the sense to jump out of the pot to save its life.

Well, we're in the pot of water being cooked. Because this is the incremental plan, the same as in Europe, while all along the politicians deny it. They say, 'Oh no, we're not creating a N. American Union'. In the book on page 81, I got the organizational chart of the SPP working group. Working groups is a term of trade under the EU. Working group is bureaucrats, ours, Mexico's and Canada's, Tri-lateral, bureaucratic groups meeting in secret and changing our US policy to N. American policy. I got this organizational chart in a Freedom of Information Act. On the gov't website for SPP, this organizational chart is nowhere printed. But the N. American Transportation working group, the N. American Energy working group, the N. American Environment working group - there's 20 of them, already exist, and they report in each gov't to 3 cabinet leaders. They report in the US to Secy. of State Rice, to the Secy. of Commerce, and the Secy of Homeland Security. Then they report up in the White House to the Homeland Security Council and Nat'l. Security Council, and finally to the office of the President. And it's the same organizational chart for Canada and Mexico. Yet on the websites this organizational chart exists nowhere. What they have is a little section called 'myths vs. facts', which tells you that this is just a dialogue between these countries to increase our competetiveness and increase a global economy.

But I'm saying tonight, that if we can see an organizational chart with everyone reporting to cabinet officers and then to the President or Prime Minister of each of the 3 countries, this is already a shadow government. It's already a Tri-lateral government in place, that the American people are not being told about, Congress is not aware of, I had to use a Freedom of Information Act request to get to this document, and the document is not published by the government on any website.

Why is Pres. Bush doing this? If we're proud of these SPP working groups then claim them. Put the organizational chart in the center of the SPP website. Go to every member of Congress and make sure they know about this org. chart. But that's not what Bush is doing.

I was up at Montebello, Quebec, Canada, on Aug. 20th and 21st. It was the third SPP Summit meeting. George Bush flew up to meet with the PM of Canada Harper, and Mexico's current president Phillipe Calderone. I had credentials from World Net Daily, I was there in the meeting. The meetings were closed door sessions. Another group most Americans know nothing about, the N. American Competitiveness Council, which is a group of 30 hand picked multi-national corporations from Canada, Mexico and the US. These corporate leaders met behind closed doors during the Montebello, Quebec SPP Summit, with the tri-lateral bureaucrats and working groups, the leaders, and top cabinet members of the 3 countries. The press was not allowed in. We just got wheeled out for photo ops. We were allowed to take a picture of the 3 Amigos. But we were not allowed into the SPP working group sessions with the N. American Competetiveness Council bureaucrats. There wasn't any labor union representative, any public interest advocate, no environmental advocates, NOBODY - SHUT DOOR CLOSED MEETING. With no reporting of it coming out to the press.

At the press conference, FOX news asked the 3 leaders if the SPP was planning to create a N. American Union and NAFTA Super Hwy. And Pres. Bush led the response. Instead of answering the question President Bush ridiculed the idea. He had an opportunity right there to say 'No, SPP IS NOT going to go to a N. American Union and we're NOT gonna build NAFTA Super Hwys., and let me distinguish and tell you why not, I'll tell you why it couldn't happen...' Well, Pres. Bush couldn't form that answer, because logically and historically, looking at Europe, it did happen where Europe went down this path and the elite and the multi-national corporations didn't get stopped. It could happen again, and the president not only knows it, he's planning it. So, what Pres. Bush said is, '...anybody who believes it is a conspriacy theorist...' He ridiculed it again. And I'm sitting there thinking he did not answer the question. Since the days of ancient Greek oratory, we've known that ridicule is the last refuge of a scoundrel in an argument. Someone has lost the argument cause they can't answer them with evidence or argumentation, so he calls the other person a name so people don't listen. And when you're reduced to that you've lost the debate.

When we have George W. Bush denying his N. American Union and NAFTA Super Hwys. when the evidence is abundant. I've got 30 pages of footnotes in my book ('The Late Great USA'). It's easy to read, you can read it in a couple of sittings. But the 30 pages of footnotes, almost every one of them is a website address so you can go look with your own eyes and see on government websites the abundant evidence that we are not only with the SPP, reconfiguring the N. Amerrican Administative and regulatory structure, but we're reconfiguring in a fundamental way the Transportation infrastructure of the US into NAFTA Super Hwys. The evidence is there.

The reason the president ridicules the idea is that he does not want to have the public awakened, to look for themselves to see the websites of the gov't. which document the integration that's going on in the US, Mexico and Canada. If the American people see and take the time to look at the websites they'll see that the 2005-2006 report to the leaders on, that these working groups have signed something like 250 memorandums of understanding and other agreements, integrating and harmonizing our laws with Mexico and Canada. But yet the mass majority of those documents are published nowhere. Not even in the Federal Register. This is shocking and Congress is asleep at the switch. You can see why 14 state legislatures have passed resolutions saying, 'No N. American Union, No NAFTA Super Hwys., and get out of the SPP. 14 state legislatures are not conspiracy theorists, deluding themselves, they're seriously concerned about the loss of our sovereignty.

Congressman Virgil Goode, a Republican from Virginia, has House Concurrent Resolution 40 in front of the Congress, saying again to get out of the SPP, no NAFTA Super Hwy., no N. American Union. He's gaining sponsers. everyone listening to this should call their Congressman and ask them to support Congressman Virgil Goode's resolution 40, to get out of the SPP, and NAFTA Super Hwy. arrangement. This is a grass roots movement that's building, because Americans are seeing the evidence with their own eyes. A wide open border, despite 6 years of a war on terror, with our cities and communities being increasingly flooded by illegals who live under the Mexican flag, and Pres.Calderone boldly declaring, 'Where there's a Mexican, there is Mexico.' Does that mean we're Mexico?  Vincente Fox declared in a meeting in this country that we need to declare the right to stay to all the Mexicans that are here. Everytime one of our border control agents, like the ones mentioned above in Fed. prison for 11 years (it's a disgrace, they should have been promoted), but were convicted because the Mexican Counselor offices in our country demanded it.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 20, 2008, 02:18:44 PM
Cont'd (from Jerome Corsi).....

If we're backing our border patrol off of the border so that they're afraid to enforce our laws, at risk of going to prison themselves (there are other examples of border patrol staff going to prison for the same reason), we've just conceded the border to Mexico. And yet Pres. Bush comes down and he signs in October, 2006, the Secure Fence Act, just before the Nov. elections in 2006. All public relations, more lies - because where's the fence? Pres. Bush signed this, this is a law, there was a mandated schedule. Published in World Net Daily, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Republican from California, is repsponsible largely for getting the fence built in San Diego, about the only part of the fence that is secure and makes a difference on the border with Mexico. Duncan Hunter had to write the president and say, ''ve only built 18 miles...where's the fence?'

It's not being built, it's all a lie, it doesn't exist, because George Bush doesn't want it to exist. And when he signed that bill he was lying again. Well, these lies amount to what I would call treason. And what I'd say is what we've got here is a coup d'etat from within, a bureaucratic take over of the government - a giving away to Mexico and Canada. And whose interest does it serve? Money - multi-national corporations. This is who's pressing this agenda. An elite, and multi-national corporations.

Multi-nat'l corps. have decided that they, under the banner of 'free trade', and I want to explain to you that these free trade agreements are more lies, they have nothing to do with classical free trade. These 'free trade' agreements are constructed to necessitate that we will have large and unending negative balances of trade to countries like China and India. Because our multi-national corps. want to use slaves, and I mean in China slave labor. China still has political prisoners who make goods for the US market. They pay people .20 to .50 cents an hour, 4,000 of them living in a work compound. When they're 20 years old they fire them, because there are 13 year olds to take their place, this is not going to advance China. With a billion people, yes, there is an advancing wealthy group that are in China, the owners. There are managers who are advancing, they call that a middle class, but the vast majority of people are abused, and used in the slave system. Some of them, even with their organs sold on the organ market when they're no longer useful. It's criminal!

We fought a Civil War in this country. At the end of the Civil War we decided it was immoral to use African Americans as slaves in southern agricultural businesses. What are we gonna do now - say just because we can't see the Chinese it's OK? No, it was wrong to use African Americans as slaves, it's against God's law, and it's immoral to use Chinese against God's law, and we're culpable for doing it, for the price of cheap flat screen TVs at WalMart and KMart, and every other Mart, and cheap sneakers. You can hardly find clothing anymore that isn't made in China, and it's a disgrace!

We cannot be morally culpable to sin. Try getting a Bible and preaching the Word of Jesus Christ in China. I'll show you any number of videos and testimonials of the Chinese Christians, who, for wanting to believe in Jesus, have been tortured. China is a communist country, it is not a democracy, it is not a free country - and it's an enemy of the US, using our, now trillions of dollars, to build the largest military in the world which has turned against us. We're funding it.

But our multi-national corporations are happy to do it. This is like the third times these corporations have gotten away with using slaves. You go to the southern agricultural producers in the ante-bellum period before the Civil War, and read their apologists, the people that supported them. It looks identical to the people today who are saying free trade is in the interest of business. The Global Economy is a lie - the Global Economy means the right to use slaves, pure and simple. It will not develop any country that is subject to it, only the rich, the owners of these multi-national corps. and their managers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they just released a report that since 2000, since Bush has been president, and this is shocking too, 96.6% of ALL Americans, including well educated, and skilled Americans, have lost real wages. The only winners are the less than 4% who run the multi-national corporations, the attorneys, the MBAs who advise them.

We are the losers in this plan, the Global Plan of regional gov't leading into world gov't. Yes, our multi-nat'l corps. want to dictate the SPP agenda, because they want no regulations in N. America. They want no environmental regulations, no poison regulations, lead paint regulations, no regulations that impedes their profit at all. And the idea that we're bringing in millions across the border from Mexico, this does not help the poor Mexicans who want to work, it's to exploit them. The Tyson's, and the other companies who criminally employ these people at the below living wages, do it with the knowlege that we, the middle class, will take it into our Christian consciousness and good hearts to provide social welfare benefits that subsidize their slave wages.

Less than 2 generations ago, Americans had health insurance because they got it at their place of work. Less than 2 generations ago Americans were productively employed to manufacturing and we ruled the arsenal of democracy, as Franklin Roosevelt stated, capable of winning a global war against Fascism. Today we've become the Fascists, we've allowed our multi -nat'l corps. every bit as much as the communists and Nazi worlds that said let the corporations run everything in Germany, the state will manage the corporations. It was Mussolini and Hitler's plan we've implemented in the name of free trade. Classical economic theory never had the idea that the comparative advantage would justify a country's position in free trade, would be like China they subsidize their currency, they use slaves and near slaves to produce the goods, the goods they export are poisonous, lead paint, poison food, including poison food for children and pets, and their companies destroy the environment. Classical free traders knew the country that behaved that way was outside the periphery of free trade.

They were irresponsible with how they behaved economically, and you'd have to put sanctions on them or you destroyed your own country. Today we have $1.3 trillion worth of T in foreign exchange reserves held by China. That's more than any country in the history of the world has had, 80% of it is in dollars. China can destroy the US without firing a shot, all they have to do is sell our currency on the open market. And people say, China won't do this, they'd hurt themselves. China's got $1.3 trillion in our currency, if they put it in a big pile and burned it, and destroyed the US for $1.3 trillion it would be cheap at the price. We put ourselves in that position, and yet it's part of the plan. Economists say that the US would never give up the dollar unless it first collapsed. Well guess what? The dollar is collapsing!

The dollar today is at a point, that is lowest historically in ever than the Euro. The dollar,except for the Treasury going in to try to support it with massive purchases, could collapse any day. The bubble that we've seen on the homes has burst. We've been living on excess credit. The Federal Reserve, which is not, by the way, a Federal gov't agency, it's a private bank, run by private bankers for private profit, has been printing money as if they were bandits, and charging us debt for the money they're printing. Throwing that into the economy knowing that the bubbles were going to burst, and the bubble did burst. And all the stock brokers, and the millionaires and billionaires demanded the Federal Reserve rush to their salvation, which it did and lowered rates. Guess what - that was a decision to abandon the dollar. Because with our rates going down and the interest rates in Europe going up, it necessitates that the dollar is going to lose further value.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 21, 2008, 05:19:20 PM

When the dollar loses value it impacts everybody in the country. Another 20% loss of value in the dollar will mean for every single person, a loss of between 5 and 8% of purchasing power.

When President Bush came into office oil was at $22 a barrel. Today it's over $100. The price of the Euro, the price of gold have all risen markedly since 2000. These are real losses, and the American people are told you don't have inflation. Our core inflation numbers now, which is a re-definition of the inflation numbers, guess what, EXCLUDES ENERGY AND FOOD for the definition of the Consumer Price Index by which they measure inflation. And so they say we don't have any inflation. The American people are working 2 and 3 jobs and suffering. While the currency goes down in value and we're being lied to, that we don't have inflation. The only gainers in this are the billionaires on the street, and the other billionaires, what I used to call the Rockefeller republicans, that dominate the republican party, dominate the thinking of the president, and are happy to buy republican and democrat alike.

Because it was Bill Clinton who passed NAFTA. And Hillary Clinton acts as if the SPP doesn't even exist, I haven't heard her mention it once. There were only 3 candidates for president who said anything about it: Ron Paul, Republican running for Pres. from Texas; Duncan Hunter, Replublican running for Congress from California; and Tom Tancredo, Replublican running for Pres. from Colorado. Those are the only 3. All the rest are members of the CFR. When you look into the CFR you find Robert Pastor, who I call the father of the N. American Union. He's a professor at American Univ., and he participated on a CFR task force that came out at the same time the Waco, Tx. meeting was held that proclaimed the SPP. And that CFR plan was titled, 'Building a N. American Community'. Robert Pator, who by the way, is not just an academic, Robert Pastor during the Carter administration was on the Nat'l Security Council, and he led the drive to give the Panama Canal to Panama. Now he's trying to give the USA away to Mexico and Canada. He denies, though, that he wants a N. American Union.

I interviewed him and said, 'Are you saying you never want a N. American Union, you categorically rule it out?' And he said, 'No, we're just not ready for it yet. First we have to start thinking like a N. American community. We have to become N. Americans first. Like the Europeans are Europeans first. And that's accomplished by mixing the populations.'

So should we have 50 million immigrants living here illegally? There is nothing in place to prevent half of Mexico's population from living in the US. When that happens they'll control communities, they'll vote communities, and you'll have as a reality, major sections of the US following Mexican law. Where is the structural impediment in place that says it cannot happen?

Well, when we have millions of people coming across the border, it seems to me that the structure is wide open to the reality that all of Mexico can live here. And that'll be just fine with the millionaire and billionaires, the elite who run Mexico, because they don't want to spend any of their millions and billions solving the poverty that they created. They want to ship that poverty to the middle class of the US, who they see as wealthy. Let the middle class of the US pay. Let the middle class open the hospitals for primary care even in the emergency rooms, let the middle class of the US open the schools to educate in Spanish, let the middle class of the US open up a definition of the 14th Ammendment where everybody born here is a citizen. That was never the intention of the 14th Ammendment. A child born to a diplomat was considered a citizen of the country to which the diplomat owes their allegiance - not to the country where they're born. Because we give out a birth certificate, and you take that birth certificate and can get a driver's license or a passport. We've allowed it to be thought that anyone born here is a citizen. Even though that is not the definition of the 14th ammendment. And the middle class is happy to provide even food stamps and other welfare benefits to these anchor babies born in the US. We are a generous country, but there is no structural impediment to prevent the SPP from advancing to a N. American Community, and then advancing to a N. American Union. Especially if the dollar is destroyed in the process.

Now, even this is not enough for the elite. Because when they're producing the slave goods in China, and by the way, Al Blinder, who's a professor in Princeton Univ. advised Bill Clinton to get NAFTA passed, he's one of these 'free traders'. Every time you hear 'free trade', know it's a lie. It has nothing to do with free trade. Everytime you're told we have to prepare for the global economy, know it's a lie. Why? Because Al Blinder says that finally, the US is going to lose 40 million jobs in the next 2 decades, outsourced in the name of globalism. In the global economy everyone in the US is too expensive. Your jobs in the future are going to be working and WalMart or KMart or one of the other Marts. You won't get paid enough to buy your health insurance, you'll have to look to the gov't for that; your retirement plans won't be worth anything. When the Euro came about in Europe, retirements were essentially cut in half. Dollar investments, 401K's and everything else dollar denominated, wont' be worth what you think it is. There's no way we can pay off the liabilities we're creating. Once a year the Treasury does a GAP Accounting of the US deficit, they reported that our deficit is not 200 an something billion dollars as was claimed by Bush, that's a cash basis, but a GAP basis where you fully account this year (2007) for the net present valueof the future social security and welfare, Medicare, obligations we incur this year, it wasn't 280 billion dollars - it was 4.6 trillion dollars!! On this basis the negative net worth of the US of 56 trillion dollars is growing.

There's no way that those benefits will be paid unless the dollar is monitarized, what that means is reduced in value. So, yes, you might get your $2000 SS check, but you'll be lucky if it buys a hamburger and a soda. Monitarized is what happened to Germany, when it took a whell barrel to buy a loaf of bread. When a gov't lies that there's no inflation, and allows the currency to be devalued against other currencies including, importantly, the Euro, the gov't is intentionally robbing the middle class of America of it's wealth so the Wall St. millionaires and billionaires aren't affected and the multi-nat'l. corporations get to have their profits and high stock prices butriced up. It's a formula that will not last, because it's deceitful and we've built the strongest working class, middle class, in the history of the world. If you remember the sweatshops of the early 1900's, women and children working endless hours, that's what unbridled capitalism is all about. Labor Unions stopped it and said you've got to pay living wages to people, provide health care, that's how we built the strongest middle class in the world. Even Aristotle said that no constitutional gov't can survive without a middle class. We have one. And it's what our multi-national corporations, that our elite like George Soros who says nation states belong to the time when kings had castles. Well I'm sorry - everytime I go to Arlington, Va., I reflect that the men and women who are buried there didn't fight and die for a N. American Union - they fought and died for the USA.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on July 21, 2008, 05:31:17 PM
Al Blinder says that finally, the US is going to lose 40 million jobs in the next 2 decades, outsourced in the name of globalism.

Unless of course we use Obama's math. Then it will be at least 25% more before he gets out of office in 10 years.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 22, 2008, 11:21:15 AM
I agree, Pastor Roger.
It will surely be and 'Obamanation' (literally an abomination) if he gets in and brings our country to it's lowest point ever. The country's in a mess and I believe his objective is to make it alot worse!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 22, 2008, 01:41:17 PM
Cont'd. - More from Corsi ....

Why isn't the SPP a law or treaty? Why isn't the organizational chart published on the SPP website? Why doesn't every Congressman and Senator have a complete briefing on all 250 agreements that are being signed by these nameless, tri-lateral working groups? It's a disgrace! It's treason - a coupe d'etat by the bureaucracy, the globalists.

We're gonna allow Dubai to buy 20% of NASDAQ, one of our 2 largest stock exchanges. Without concern that now disputes in that stock exchange will have to be settled by international law, because the largest minority owner is an Islamic country, an Islamic emerate that the 9-11 Commission says helped finance the 9-11 terrorists. Are we gonna settle NASDAQ disputes under Sharia law? In the global world that's what it comes to, international law that takes supremecy over the US and creating a N. American Union is only the first step for the regional base to plug into a world economy.

It's a globlist agena. And as we go into this global economy it's not gonna be good enough just to get the slave goods produced in China, they've gotta get transported here cheaply. Because if the cost of labor were nothing but it was very expensive to transfer those goods, the multi-national corporations wouldn't gain. So they've now completely reconfigured the transportation economics, the primary principal is inter-modal.

Inter-modal means the container is to be put on a ship, transported across the ocean. - and now they're building container ships that will hold 12,500 containers. That's like moving 10 city blocks in Ny with sky scrapers across the ocean, and it can be done with 13 people. And in Inter-modal, the container can be trasported, then put on a truck or train, and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are too expensive. Because, after all, we have long shoremen there, and long shoremen are union workers. And the containers need to be transported across the country, and the transporting of those containers is in US trucks or in trains with United Transportation Workers and so it's too expensive. So the communist Chinese which operate the ports in Mexico, and they're directly south of Texas on the Pacific, the communist Chinese are putting billions of dollars into making those ports deep water, state of the art ports that can handle these giant container ships. Now the containers can be off-loaded and brought in by Mexican trucks and Mexican trains - Cheap! Why is the Dept. of Transportation pressing for Mexican trucks? Because it's cheap and they can get these containers from the Mexican ports and bring them into the heart of the US.

The NAFTA Super Highways therefore, need to be configured North/South. Because as early as 1998 the Federal Highway Administration told the states up and down Interstate 35 that the infrastructure would never handle the truck traffic. I wrote about that in World Net Daily, when the bridge on I 35 W in Minneapolis collapsed. I pulled out the reports that showed the infrastructure wouldn't handle that kind of truck traffic. I 35 E went through some of the trendier, upscale neighborhoods of St. Paul. The trucks came through I 35 W on Minneapolis and went across that bridge. Something between 5 to 7,000 a day with no weight limitation.

Texas decided to design the Trans Texas Corridor, 4 football fields wide, 1200 ft., you won't be able to cross it except for huge overpasses. It'll cut communities in half. And it's gonna be financed by Spain. A company called 'CINTRA' a Spanish Investment Concern has signed the development agreement under what the Bush administration calls a PPP, that is a Public/Private Partnership. Remeber the Calso decision of the Supreme Court, that said that Eminent Domain could be used to seize private property, even if it served the public interest? Well the Texas Dept. of Transportation is gonna seize 4 football fields wide of land from Laredo up past Austin, San Antonio, and up to the border with Oklahoma. And I was in Oklahoma a few days ago and Oklahoma is now being pressured by the same PPP officials and the Federal Hwy. Administration, and the investment bankers and the lawyers, to extend this idea into Oklahoma - the Trans-Texas Corridor. Because it will extend down to the ports in Mexico.

Mary Peters, the Dept. of Transportation Sec'y., announced this Mexican trucking deal was gonna go through about a month ago, but in February, and I published the pictures of it in World Net Daily, she was at the company in Mexico that was gonna get the first contract. And if you read in Spanish, which we did and published, the gov't of Nueava Leone south of Laredo in the picture there with Mary Peters there in the first row of the dignitaries, and the Governor of the state of Nueva Leone was at the podium, he proclaimed that the Trans-Texas Corridor in Mexico was called the Trans-N. American Corridor. And the plans here, and in Mexico, and in Canada would be to extend this new Trans-Texas Corridor all the way up into Canada.

I've written articles that Canada's already opening the ports of VanCouver and Prince Rupert, on their west coast. Prince Rupert's the shortest distance to Tokyo and to China. And the Canadian Nat'l, the Canadian Pacific in Canada's new transportation plan is called 'Asian Gateways and Trade Corridors'. Building new highways on PPP structured foreign investors across Canada, and the Canadian Nat'l and the Canadian Pacific are competing to be the first true NAFTA railroads, each with a connection to Kansas City Southern, which has bought the Mexican railroads to give it access to these Mexican ports. The Mexican ports are operated by the Communist Chinese, a company called Hutchison/Wampole. And a trade group called NASCO which is in Dallas has now signed an agreement with Lockheed/Martin, and they are today putting RFID sensors all up and down I 35, to report back to China on the location of it's containers.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on July 22, 2008, 02:47:57 PM
Jerome Corsi is far from being any sort of prophet yet he has the education, insight and sources to be able to clearly tell us what is happening and what is going to be happening. I know of nothing that he has gotten wrong as of yet even though some things maybe questionable as they haven't been proven or dis-proven.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 22, 2008, 08:14:58 PM
No, I don't think he even thinks he's any sort of prophet. But I think he knows, in his position, he's a watchman on the wall. He's in a unique position, as you said, and is finding some very interesting information. I just thought it was explained so well that it would be worth sharing. If it proceeds in the direction he's focusing on, the information needs to be discussed.

But if it's getting too tedious, let me know, I won't keep writing along these lines. It is alot of information, but I thought it was put together so well and explained alot of what we've been seeing and hearing.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on July 22, 2008, 08:27:31 PM
No, he doesn't claim to be a prophet. I was just stating that I didn't think he was either.

I'm glad that you are posting it and in the manner that you are. It gives me time to read it all.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on July 22, 2008, 11:28:19 PM
No, I don't think he even thinks he's any sort of prophet. But I think he knows, in his position, he's a watchman on the wall. He's in a unique position, as you said, and is finding some very interesting information. I just thought it was explained so well that it would be worth sharing. If it proceeds in the direction he's focusing on, the information needs to be discussed.

But if it's getting too tedious, let me know, I won't keep writing along these lines. It is alot of information, but I thought it was put together so well and explained alot of what we've been seeing and hearing.

Hello Sister Barbara,

I see no problem at all with the material and think it is very well written. It never entered my mind in reading this that anyone thought they were a prophet, and I certainly don't think it's tedious. One has to go to a ton of web sites and either get bits and pieces or get good summaries if they want to know about this and the surrounding issues. I tried going to the tons of web sites and appreciate the summary method. Bluntly, this material is true and it relates directly to:  1) Our safety and sovereignty;  2) Potential End Times conditions that we are watching develop right beneath our noses.

I appreciate you furnishing the information. I read it because I want to know what's going on. In case anyone is wondering, this is true information that can be verified from numerous sources - including government sources. Everyone should want to know about this, and the number of readers indicates that MANY do want to know about it. So, THANKS!

Love In Christ,

Christian Quotes 280 - 
"God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but
shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world".
 -- C.S. Lewis

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on July 22, 2008, 11:48:53 PM
Amen. Again I didn't mean to indicate that Jerome Corsi or this article indicated that he was a prophet. I was simply meaning that this man is exceptionally correct in his information that he gives.

I also thank you for posting this information. I read many of Mr Corsi's articles on World Net Daily but I have never seen this particular one. It is very informative and has Brother Tom said it is all together in one place where otherwise a person would only get bits and pieces of it on many various web sites.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on July 23, 2008, 12:20:05 AM
Hello Pastor Roger,

Brother, you mentioned World Net Daily, and I want to make a comment about them. WND is developing an excellent reputation for honest and accurate news. WND is feared by many for this very reason, especially by politicians. I'm really saying that I like WND because they report the TRUTH. There is no doubt in my mind that WND will continue to grow if they keep TRUTH at the top of their priority list. I must also add that they don't care which toes they step on in delivering the TRUTH, so WND is one of my favorite news sources.

Love In Christ,

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myrmidons and the crowd of Baal priests, now seated,
with moping countenance, under the desert juniper-tree
or amid the rocks of Horeb - away from duty; morbid,
sullen, panic-stricken; oblivious of the encouragements
of Carmel and the miracles of Cherith - indulging in the
ungrateful soliloquy - "It is enough; take away my life;
God has forgotten me; I am no better than my fathers."
Does Jehovah take him at his word? Does He leave or
commission the desert whirlwind to extinguish the
expiring flame of former consecration? No! "What are
you doing here, Elijah? Go, anoint Jehu; go, anoint
Hazael. Back to your appointed work and labor. I will
yet make you a burning and shining light in Israel."
 -- John MacDuff  1895

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on July 23, 2008, 12:35:35 AM
Yes, they have become my favorite source for news. As with anything that involves the truth, WND is under attack by many different people and groups. They have come close a number of times to being shut down but so far all those attempts have failed. I especially enjoy reading the commentaries from people like  Joseph Farah (founder, editor and CEO of WND), Jerome Corsi, Dennis Prager and Chuck Norris.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 23, 2008, 02:45:19 PM
Oh, I'm so glad to hear that, guys! There's so much good information there, but it takes him a while to lay the groundwork. I didn't want to be putting anybody to sleep. And I agree, WND is reporting what not too many others are, and even though it is startling, it's so good to know as much of the truth as we can.


"The Communist Chinese also operates both ends of the Panama Canal, same company, Hutchison/Wampole. And they're gonna deepen and widen the Panama Canal so these super container ships can sail across into the ports like Houston, Corpus Christi, New Orleans and across even to Miami. And I 35 will not be the only NAFTA Super Hwy., cause they're also planning I 69 which comes up in a route closer through Memphis, east of I 35, entering Canada just north of Chicago. They're planning a CanaMex, the Canadian/Mexican Super Hwy. which will come down by the Rocky Mtns. Three cities have declared themselves to be inland ports; Kansas City, San Antonio and Denver. Where's the water?

They're inland ports for the Mexican ports called LazaroCardenes and Manzanilla, and what they wanna be is the warehouse hubs for the inter-modal containers. Because worldwide, our multi-national corporations have now introduced supply side, ya know, ready at the time of manufacturing, this whole supply chain economics. Where it's OK if they manufacture parts here, and other things there, and they just bring them together and assemble them. They'll all be manufactured outside the US, they'll be assembled outside the US, then they'll just be transported into the US. As we move from being a manufacturing country with a strong middle class, we're gonna be moving toward a container-moving society, driving TOLL ROADS on our way to 40 million jobs (or more as you said Pastor Roger) being outsourced, and there being NO AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS! Who's the winner? Multi-national corporations and the elite who agree with them.

Borders are obsolete. As we all grew up in our thinking, we'll realize that families are obsolete, borders are obsolete, GOD IS OBSOLETE according to these groups. Because in this Godless agenda the only thing that matters is profit, unbridled profit. But the Bible says about human beings, when they get so impressed with profit it's 'not attractive'. That we allow it to happen without informing ourselves and saying, 'NO', we become culpable in their sin. This has nothing to do with free trade, this has to do with slavery. This has nothing to do with democracy, this has to do with destroying democracy. The USA, as a sovereign nation, needs to be preserved. Our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights openly declared that our rights are inalienable, given by God, so that we are set up by our nature to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And our founding fathers believed that our institutions of govenment were not accidental, but were determined by human nature. Such that if we did not have this particular constitutional republic in which the Executive, Legislative and Judicial were limited and balanced against each other, if we didn't have that structure we would lose those freedoms that we were seeking to protect.

As we advancve down this road NAFTA, you'll be made sure it's for your security and prosperity, and how many times have we been warned that when people reassure us with nice sounding phrases, that we're in the process of being lied to. George Orwell reminded us in '1984', Aldous Huxley in 'Brave New World'. The Bible calls Satan the great deceiver. When we're being told this is not important. Well, if it's not important, put an end to it. We don't need the SPP.

Turn on your local syndicated news channel and watch inconsequential incidents. Take a look at the soap opera, how all the major presidential candidate debates don't have a single question on immigration or on the SPP, not a single question on why they tolerate trade agreements with China that are totally unfair, resulting in 1.3 trillion dollars of foreign exchange currency in China, and endless and growing negative trade balances which risk our national secruity.

And the millions of containers - one island being built off of Shanghai, an artificial island, that is 270 soccer fields in area - that one artificial island alone will export to the US 30 million containers a year. The Chinese won't even want the containers sent home - our middle class can use them, I guess, to live in as we lose our homes and our jobs. What we have here is a plan to destroy the soverignty of the US, the middle class of the US, creating a N. American Union, NAFTA Super Hwy, the new currency the AMERO, and the only winners are the elite who are beyond God, beyond nation states, and beyond the USA, and the multi-nat'l corporations who are willing to pay politicians of both parties to do this deed. The only thing standing between it happening and today is US. The only thing that can stop this is WE THE PEOPLE, and GOD can put an end to this plan.

As our economics deteriorate, as the jobs go overseas, as the dollar deteriorates, we'll hear the argument that we must adapt to a global economy, and that means we've gotta go into regional agreements with our neighbors, otherwise how can we be competitive. Competitive means lower pay, because what the corporations are saying is '...we'll move to wherever we can find the slaves, China, Indonesia, wherever they are as long as they're there to use them we'll use them, and come back to the US and say US labor isn't productive enough', which translates, demands too much money to be paid, too much of a living wage.

This is all being done in the name of Security and Prosperity. How are we more secure when our borders are wide open? Mexico is a drug cartel controlled country and terrorists are finding a way to buy their way into the US. And we're turning a blind eye to the sleeper cells that are within our midst, even though we have terrorists in Federal Prison who got into our midst through the southern border. Even though we find repeated incidents of foiling terrorist plots by people who entered the country illegally or people who overstayed their visas.

There should be no more patriotic American than Bill Gates. He's a dropour from school. If he had not gotten the license from IBM to use the DOS system, if we had not bought his products in our personal computers, where would Bill Gates be? He's one of the wealthiest billionaires in the world. But what does he want? Unlimited Hb1 visas, so he can get his next generation of computer scientists from India, undercutting our kids, going to college with computer science degrees. They're too expensive for Bill Gates. Well, maybe somebody should have told that to Bill Gates when he wanted the MS DOS license. What gives him the right to abuse American workers, our children, just for another billion dollars out of India? And the idea that this will develop India, develop China, NO - it'll make the millionaires and billionaires who manage India and China more millions and billions like Bill Gates, everybody else gets exploited.

The millions of people coming across the border from Mexico to do slave wage labor in factories, and Bush says these are jobs Americans wont do. Sure, for no pay and no benefits Americans won't and can't do those jobs and be able to live as they have the right to, we went through decades of labor unions struggling for employment rights creating the expectation that Americans would get health insurance at their place of employment. Within one generation, we've forgotten about that, and allowed, in the name of almighty profit, the corporations to say, ' can work here and buy your health insurance that we don't pay you enough to afford...', and we tolerate that.

The loss of homes, the loss of jobs that are going to occur under this plan in America will reduce this country to a second class country in the name of free trade and globalism. You will be brainwashed into your own destruction while watching on the cable news, soap opera after soap opera, lost boyscouts, runaway brides, but not a single candidate will have the courage of Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter, to stand up and demand to be heard on these subjects.

Oklahoma has created an organization called 'OK SAFE'. Oklahoma has said the NAFTA Super Hwy. will stop here at the border. Senator Randy Bogden was there, republican senator, and he stood up in the legislture and blocked a bill that was going to send the infrastructure flying in a stealth way. The proponents of the Trans-Texas Corridor into Oklahoma submitted a bill that didn't even by name mention the highway. But yet had referenced a federal register pages and clauses that would have allowed the structure of laws in Oklahoma to build a highway. And when he found that out and opposed it, he was able to kill that motion that time. This was a stealth maneuver, below the radar. He has strong opponents, Cargill, the Speaker of the House in Oklahoma, has been bringing in experts from the Reason Foundation, this guy named Richard Poole, who is an advocate of PPP, where our roads, in the next generation in America will be TOLL ROADS OWNED BY FOREIGN INVESTMENT CONCERNS. The fight will have to occur state by state, and Oklahoma's the next state...


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on July 23, 2008, 04:14:15 PM
Oklahoma has created an organization called 'OK SAFE'. Oklahoma has said the NAFTA Super Hwy. will stop here at the border. Senator Randy Bogden was there, republican senator, and he stood up in the legislture and blocked a bill that was going to send the infrastructure flying in a stealth way. The proponents of the Trans-Texas Corridor into Oklahoma submitted a bill that didn't even by name mention the highway. But yet had referenced a federal register pages and clauses that would have allowed the structure of laws in Oklahoma to build a highway. And when he found that out and opposed it, he was able to kill that motion that time. This was a stealth maneuver, below the radar. He has strong opponents, Cargill, the Speaker of the House in Oklahoma, has been bringing in experts from the Reason Foundation, this guy named Richard Poole, who is an advocate of PPP, where our roads, in the next generation in America will be TOLL ROADS OWNED BY FOREIGN INVESTMENT CONCERNS. The fight will have to occur state by state, and Oklahoma's the next state...


Average people don't want this at all, especially when they find out what it really is. "FORCED INTEGRATION" was specifically mentioned in many of the early plans, so there was never any intent to ask or inform the people. They already know that informed people will SAY NO! They already know that what they're doing is illegal and Unconstitutional. As far as I'm concerned, it's time for CRIMINAL CHARGES AND PRISON!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 24, 2008, 04:35:54 PM
Yup, they know what they're doing, blackeyedpeas, and the poor people of Europe didn't see it coming, but because of them we can see the exact same steps being taken! I guess the elites figured no one would take notice. I'm so glad people are getting the word out, and amazed that some of the politicians are still honest, Christian servants of the people and actually put the people's best interest ahead of political gain. God bless those guys!


Next they'll have to fight it in Kansas and Missouri, in Iowa, in Minnesota, all the way up Interstate 35. But state by state, and the grassroots is the way to fight this. Because the main stream media won't cover it. There's only 5 multi-national corporations that control 90% of our news. They're not gonna let a message come to you that talks about multi-nat'l corporate control having to be broken up. They're gonna play more stories on the runaway bride, more stories about inconsequential stuff, and meanwhile they build the infrastruture of Public/Private highways where the investment bankers and the lawyers and the Federal gov't get together to explore how they're gonna make billions selling our highways and corporcreating a next generation of toll roads owned by corporations in Spain, and in Brazil, and in Australia, and in Germany.

You know if the Trans-Texas Corridor is a good deal for CINTRA and Spain, why isn't it a good deal for the people of Texas to own that road? Well, the answer is because Governor Perry of Texas is gonna get millions of dollars in campaign contributions from CINTRA and their chosen construction company, Zachery. And those campaign contributions drive him to veto something like 6 or 8 bills that the Texas legislature passed in the last session tp block this Trans-Texas corridor. They put a 2 year moritorium on it. So what does Gov. Perry do? He vetos all the bills. Half of them he vetoed when the state legislature was out of session. Texas legislature doesn't come back into session for 2 years.

If you google PPP plus The Federal Hwy Admin., you'll find a whole section on the Fed. Hwy Admin website that is devoted to teaching the states how to change their law so they can have PPP highways sold to foreigners. 21 states have already changed their laws. On that website you get a map that shows you each state that's changed its laws. Then they show you the sample projects that've been done, CINTRA, the investment consortium in Spain - not only the Trans-Texas Corridor but they've leased the Chicago Skyway, and the Indiana toll road for decades to come. Driving the Chicago Skyway or the Indiana toll road, you're gonna be paying Spain for the privilege to do so. And guess what? The legal firm that represents CINTRA is a partnership with Rudy Giuliani, Bracewell and Giuliani, a lawfirm.

You know Rudy Giuliani gets asked about NAFTA Super Hwys he says he doesn't know anything about them. Lie after lie, denial after denial, the same thing that Jean Monnet advised in his memoirs in the European Union. Jean Monnet advised that he believed that World Gov't was the only way to solve disputes. This idea of World Govt traces back to thinkers like Hagel and Marx, they believed that we would transcend nation/states, that we would transcend families and God - all these primitive ideas, and that we would let the bureaucrats rule things according to rational law and order. And they write articles where they say, '...look, Europe hasn't had another war, so look at all the progress we're making...' while meanwhilethe nameless bureaucrats in Brussels and Luxomburg will not allow any state legislature to pass a law they haven't already apporved. They dictate the immigration policies and the central banking policies, where they set the value of the currency so that if retirees all thoughout Europe lose billions, they have no choice but to do so. Because the bureaucrats have determined to set the rules in favor of the multi-natl corps an the elite. And you won't find God mentioned anywhere. In fact, God is X'd out, just as right now an effort is being made to remove God from our schools, our branches of govt, our currency, our Supreme Court. God is under attack in this move toward bureaucrats and a One World Order.

Aristotle said everything was political, and he's right. The bureaucrats just get the opportunity to enact their particular ideas, their narrow idea of politics, which is a multi-corporate agenda, the corporations rule all. And I have no confidence that the United Nations or the EU is gonna defend our inalienable rights. The first things to go are gonna be the 1st and 2nd Ammendment, free speech will be gone, replaced by hate crime laws. 2nd Ammendment - your guns will be determined to be dangerous to the Mexicans living among us. These challenges to freedom are inevitable and coming. And if anyone dares utter the name Jesus Christ, they'll be treated as they're treated now in China. I mean when Pres. Bush goes to Va. Tech., and gives a speech after the students died, he doesn't once mention the name Jesus Christ - why is that? Yet he talks about Allah. Jerry Falwell dies, Bush doesn't go to the funeral. We must not be led to a Godless state. In God We Trust, it must stay that way.

We the people, who are the government are the ones who can stop this. It's gotta be state by state. I dont' expect people are going to immediately catch on. National Sovereignty is an idea that you really have to understand means that some other group, the nameless bureaucrats in Brussels, the working groups we don't even know about, the Tri-lateral bureaucrats in 20 working groups, N. American Transportation working group, N. Amercan Health working group, they make the rules. It takes awhile to catch onto the idea that we're not in charge anymore. Well, once people do catch onto the idea and see the reality, because if the Mexican trucks come into the US how are you going to hide them? If we have 50 million Mexicans living in the US, who's gonna deny it? At certain points, yes right now, go to states like Ohio or Pennsylvania or Michigan - I grew up in Ohio, it was bustling in steel manufacturing - today it looks like Appalachia.

I was recently in Maine, the great industries in Maine - the logging, the fishing - the only place you'll find them is in the museum of industry at the state capital. Half the people in Maine either work for the govt, are retired or on welfare. We cannot have a society in which half the people are not working. And if there are no productive jobs to be done, what's a service economy mean anyway? A service economy is flipping hamburgers at MacDonald's. The good jobs are being lost and we ship the technology with them. Bill Clinton never saw a campaign contribution from China, legal or illegal, that he didn't like. And he never saw a secret he kept China from getting. We publish our patents on the internet. Any country that wants can steal them.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 26, 2008, 05:53:16 PM

When we outsource the manufacturing of technical parts, and we outsource the technical knowlege that's needed to make those compoments, we give it away. So people say, then Americans can advance into more highly sklilled, intellecutual labor and more productive work - not when we give away trade secrets. The kids who are going to school today, when they realize increasingly, that they're coming out of college and not able to find work it's gonna hit them. It's these realizations, I think, that will wake people up.

I was on a panel with one of the editors or the Wall St. Journal, and he was bragging about globalism and global economy and how wonderful it was, and I spoke after him and I said, 'The only reason he's saying this is that he doesn't think that the Wall St. Journal can find somebody from India who'll write his economic analysis for half of what the pay him, so I wanna come back and talk to him 6 mos. after Murdoch publishes the Wall St. Journal, we'll see how much he likes globalism then...' There's no job that you can't find somebody to do cheaper, you can outsource the legal work, you can outsource everything. But you can't oursource the dignity of work unless you allow unbridled capitalism to go to the lowest common denominator, and then everybody except those at the top lose.

What we have as a system of free enterprise has been bridled and tempered by labor unions who've fought for the working class, by a recognition that Nat'l Security means something, that we want to keep jobs for Americans- what happened to 'Made in Amerrica'? Does it mean nothing? And if we start putting this 'country of origin' labeling, that says clearly where things come from, Americans would have a chance to vote with their pocketbooks - when they go to the stores to buy clothes, when they go into the grocery stores.

If Americans stayed away from WalMart for a quarter, it would throw Wall St. into a panic. If Americans said 'No, we're not gonna do it anymore, next quarter we're not going to WalMart or KMart or any of the other Marts - we're not buying anything until this mess is cleaned up'. If American consumers stopped and went on strike Wall St. would panic. That's how much power people have.

If American people get on the phone and call in - ya know these offices are small in Congress, only 5 or 10 people on a staff, even in Senators offices, 100 phone calls in a day jams their switchboard; 100 faxes - they don't know what to do with them. You can actually write letters, or go to see them, sit in the offices and say I don't care if the senator's on the floor, I'm from the state, I'm gonna wait in this office until he sees me, it's a public office, I'll sit here, and when it closes I'll leave, I'll be back in the morning. If I do this for a week, he's gonna talk to me.' If you sit there politely you have a right to do that, and you will get talked to. This is the power we still have. I spend some days between 5 an 8 hours a day on talk radio, just to get the message out. And when the message is out, the republicans and the democrats alike say we've gotta limit talk radio, because they want to be able to control the agenda.

One of the hard things that people have to allow themselve to see is we all say, '...our president wouldn't do this he's conservative...' but he's not, he's a globalist. If he wasn't he would secure our border, bring SPP to the Congress and have a vote on it, what's he afraid of? People who won't bring something to you are afraid you're gonna say no. Why did the Mexican trucks have to come in the middle of the night? The first Mexican truck that came into our country was at 2a.m. The press conference that announced it was 9 pm on the phone to a few select Washington newsmen from one of the Federal Motor Carrier Admins., John Hill - that's disgraceful! That's secrecy - it's middle of the night creeping in the shadows. The only people that do that are scoundrels. And we're publishing 30 pages of White House websites, to show you where they are and what they're doing. If this is a conspiracy, it's being done in the open, on gov't websites. Just take an hour and look at them.

I'm writing articles on World Net Daily almost everyday. If you click the links to the sources I'm talking about it will take you directly to the website with the source information - you can see it there. So if you can see the documents and they exist, then I'm not a conspiracy theorist - this is real - and you can come to the conclusion yourself. I'll tell you where they are, even though the govt doesn't want you to see them. It's who are you gonna believe, the person lying to you or your own eyes.

A 1200 foot highway is fine if it has to do with something that the people own, the people finance, and it solves a need that the people are concerned with, like congestion on the highways. This Trans-Texas Corridor is not going to solve anybody's congestion. It's gonna go around Dallas, around San Antonio, it's not connecting to them. And with the non-compete agreements that these PPP have at their core, it prohibits Texas from developing a highway to compete - so Spain says, 'I get the tolls collected on the Trans Texas Corridor, and you signed and agreement with me Texas Dept of Transp. that I (Spain) will get so many billions from that. If you develop Interstate 35 too much, and it draws traffic away from my toll road, I'm gonna object, so I 35 needs potholes, it needs congestion, I want you to reduce the speed limit, because I have a monopoly you see, I have a concession here from the state that you've written and signed, so that I, as Spain, are assured of getting so many billions of dollars in future revenue.'

These contracts are written around the world, so that the states that wanna get out of them, end up having to buy not only the contract but all the future earnings that CINTRA was promised. So if the highway cost $10 billion to build, and CINTRA figured they were gonna get 500 billion in future revenues, to buy that contract back you'd pay 510 billion dollars, because Spain owns the future earnings. We've granted to a foreigner, a state monopoly guaranteed by Texas, or any other state that engages in these agreements, to have our public infrastructure controlled by them for their benefit and our detriment.

Now, shockingly, Robert Pastor, the Prof. at American University, who's been writing books for 10 years about, 'Toward a North American Community', said in an interview in Spanish, that I read in Spanish, Pastor said, 'The next 9-11 may be what it takes to get a N. American integration effort pushed forward.' Well I read that and I called Robert Pastor and said, 'Did you write that?' and he said, 'Yes'. I tape recorded the interview, I published it in the book and I published it in World Net Daily. So anyway I said 'What did you mean?' He said, 'Well, it's not moving fast enough, but the next 9-11 will force us all to get together on this new American integration agenda.'
I was frightened hearing that, because that's only one step away from saying 'let's create the crisis to make it happen'.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on July 27, 2008, 05:06:32 AM
Hello Sister Barbara,

Sadly, people with common sense should expect many more 9-11's with many more casualties than the first one. The main causes will be open borders and refusal to deal with illegal immigration. A North American Union would not be a position of strength - just the opposite. It would MAGNIFY the failures of all three countries, and the price for those failures would be high. Terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals would love it because travel and movement of supplies would be easy.

A few big money folks would like the trade schemes, but average people would be big losers fairly quickly. The most basic economic principles eventually come to play. You can't keep consuming something unless you produce something to pay for it. This is dirt simple, yet they are removing our production of just about everything. It doesn't take a genius to see catastrophic failure in a relatively short period of time. Our economic strength was built on the exact opposite - WE WERE THE PRODUCERS!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 27, 2008, 08:04:45 AM
Amen, blackeyedpeas,

It's horrible to imagine what is happening right under our noses. Our country is being sold to the highest criminal bidder, to traitors, and big businesses. It is time the American people rose up and strongly protest what's going on. The problem is the people in power seem to be in league with the criminals and the traitors. They need to be put out of office. It's WE THE PEOPLE that are sovereign, they work for us and it's time we take our country back.

It seems evil is realizing it's fullest potential, embodied by the people we trusted, voted for and thought had the same Christian values as our ancestors. It truly is a brave new world and it will take all the prayer and trust in God we can muster to come against such a deadly and merciless foe - I believe paganism is so much a part of this world now and each day get's darker in the soul's of those that are involved in these ridiculous plans.

But they'll be surprised when they learn that CHRIST WILL PREVAIL!


I was in Motebello, at another conference of the SPP, and I'm looking around and seeing that they built 2 fences around this Montebello compound, including one about 10 feet tall, all steel. I looked around the compound there was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police armed to the teeth, helicopters in the air. They'd spent millions and millions of dollars on security and yet they could build a fence around Montebello but they can't build one at the border. When we see in each of the 3 countries the agenda, and under NAFTA remember, Canadian water is defined as a 'good', as is Canadian timber, Canadian minerals and Canadian oil up in Alberta, and Canada cannot withhold a 'good' from the N. American market. So our multi-nat'l corporations want to get a hold of thoses resources cheaply. Why do you think the middle section of the Trans-Texas Corridor has pipelines? A pipeling will bring the oil from Canada, and the fresh water from Canada down into the American SW or into Mexico where it can be used to irrigate the crops that put our farmers out of work.

This is a mineral grab. You say, why would we care to merge with Mexico and Canada? We're so dominant. Well, we can get the minerals of Canada and fresh water, the slave labor from Mexico and their minerals, and all the millionaires and billionaires at the top get to have a party where they protect themselves from having to pay for anybody's poverty. They'll shift that benefit on the American middle class while it lasts.

People say, well surely this is a formula to destroy everything. Well No, the multi-national corporations think there'll be a big enough market at the top globally for them to stay wealthy and in power, as the whole world moves forward to look like Mexico does today - a few at the very top, including the Bill Gates', and everybody else at the bottom, struggling to keep houses, raise families, to pray to God the way they want to pray to God, and not to have to pledge allegiance to the N. American Union with the Amero in their pockets. Because no N. American Union will protect rights or respect the dignity of labor, or the human being - the worker, the way the US has.

I was interviewed by a 28 year old that came out of one of our leftist universities. He said, 'What would be so bad about a N. American Union?' And at first I thought he was joking, then I realized that he'd been so dummed down that he thought Int'l law and regulations would be better - that if we only were controlled by the Internationalists then we'd be really free. Well, I guess he hasn't studied the UN reports where the UN workers go into countries and rape and steal and pillage and deal guns. He's got in his mind that the UN is some standard of bureaucratic truth, fairness and justice, of course, it has no God in it, and no reconciliation of these crimes when they occur. No the UN, if it's going to have supremacy over the US, would be better off a parking lot. We need to get out of them, get out of the World Trade Org., and the SPP.

Let's put these all back onto foundations which are TRUE free trade. Yes, we can participate in global economy, but the global economy where even the Chinese get to raise families and be middle class. Get the Chinese out of those compounds where they're paid 50 cents an hour. If that's happening we don't want the goods. If they're gonna subsidize their currency they can keep everything, it's like if nobody bought at WalMart it wouldn't last 2 quarters before Wall St. would be screaming, crying and begging the Fed to do something about it.

If nobody bought from China, it wouldn't be 2 quarters before China was begging, and crying, and screaming about it. And the answer is we tell them to keep their money, but we're not gonna spend anymore when people are employed and made slaves. We're not gonna buy their goods and we're gonna fight against our own corporations that are trying to brain wash us that this is free trade. Yes, we can participate in a global economy, but let's do it as a strong nation. We've set a model, as Ronald Reagan said, it's been written before him - we're a shining city on a hill. Our founding fathers set the example for how we can preserve human freedoms and dignity, and be the strongest nation in the world. No other country's used this model and developed themselves. We'll trade with them - on a fair basis.

If our multi-nat'l corps. don't play fair, we don't need the multi-nat'l corps. We have to get back to some fundamental principal because life is not about how many billions you made at the end of it. The Bible teaches that clearly. The Bible also says that if we come to One World Gov't, it'll be ruled by the anti-Christ. Well, you could see it bacause this entire way of thinking is anti-God. It's another tower of Babel. You know, we're our own god, we'll build this huge thing to the sky, we'll be wealthy, we'll have all the trade we need, we don't need God. Well, I don't think that's the way it's gonna end....


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 28, 2008, 02:02:00 PM

Formulas going this route have never worked in the history of the world. They didn't work when the Tower of Babel was first built, they didn't work for the Nazis, they didn't work for any people who, in the name of some lofty principle of World Gov't. tried to advance THEIR causes. We're always the ones who end up in the gulag.

The American people can resist this. It'll take knowlege, it'll take the attention to the details, and I'm confident that as this progresses, cause we're just in the first stages of it, it's been predicted that as the globalists come closer to finishing their goal they'll sprint naked to the finish line. Bush is getting more and more open - less trying to hide these things. At Montebello they issued a N. American Avian Flu and Pandemic Influenza Agreement which we've signed, our working groups have signed. Guess what? If there's an incident in N America of Avian Flu we go under UN control, that's what we agreed, the blue helmets take over. It's agreed. I didn't vote on it.

Remember I said earlier, the people want to rdicule this, the Michael Medveds the movie critic who's on radio as a talk show host, ridiculing this? He's saying it couldn't happen without you voting, well , I didn't vote to let 12 million illegal immigrants in the country, did you? I didn't vote that we would have no border, in fact we agreed that we would have a fence built on the border - it's the politicians who won't listen to us - and we've gotta put an end to that.
And the end is by saying, 'NO'.

It's not too late to start impeaching Bush, let's impeach him. So he runs our of time, fine. Start the procedures. If Hillary or Obama comes in, and she doesn't stop SPP, impeach her or him. Let's put them all on notice that if they don't sign as politicians declarations that they'll stop the SPP, they get voted out of office.

If the candidates refuse to talk about SPP, demand that they talk about it or we're gonna publicize it. They're all CFR members, and we should be saying, '...we're not gonna vote for any of these candidates.' There's a revolt going on right now within the repulican party, it's focusing on Giuliani, it's going to spread. Moral, conservative, Christians who have supported republican candidates for decades have been saying, 'No more!'

I was in a major fight with Jed Babbin, who's the editor of Human Events, the magazine and the internet site, he said that I'm just a conspiracy theorist for advancing this. I said, 'Jed, you're just a republican apologist'. He said, 'Well if you don't stop this a democrat is going to be elected', and I said what difference does it make, if you wanna threaten us again that we've all gotta vote republican, who does nothing conservative, moral Christians want. The republican party isn't being cleaned up - homosexuality, corruption. And people don't love the democrats, they're ready to get them out too. The only thing that has a lower approval rating than Bush is the democratic party and democratic congress.

The American people are truly sick of this. And as this builds, people have got to realise that it is still 'We the People', and it's still within our hands and God's to change this destiny. We must stop this, we can resist it.

Real ID - Well, on the back of the N. Carolina drivers' license, and I wrote about this in WND, there is right now a hologram 'Continent of N. America'. I called the division of Motor Vehicles in N. Carolina and said, 'What is this doing there?' So the spokesperson said, 'Soon that's going to be on every license plate in N. America'. I said 'Don't you mean N. Carolina?' She said, 'No, N. America.' Well, it was designed by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, which is a group that all the states belong to and the provinces of Canada, and Mexico is a memeber. And they met to create a N. American Security Emblem that would identify the license plate as issued in N. America, it's a N. American driver's license, already existing in N. Carolina. Why isn't that an emblem of N. Carolina in the hologram? Or the United States of America? Mo, the real ID we're gonna have now will have numbers. identification, biometrics. The biometrics will even register who you are, what your name is, scanned from a distance - all of these biometrics that they're gonna build into these cards will be done in the name of Prosperity and Security. They'll say, 'What do you want - another terrorist attack?' No, this is to control US, it's another loss of liberty that we're supposed to give up as we advance toward a regional gov't.

These control devices, just like the 'Emergency Presidential Directive' that gives the president complete control, even over other branches of gov't and recently passed by George Bush, are not signed without purpose. And for those who trust that our president certainly wouldn't do anything wrong with an emergency directive, I point out, 'Well, what if Obama or Hillary are our next leaders?' Our founding fathers advised correctly not to judge the grab of power by the personality of the person doing it. But the presidency is one of 3 equal branches, and they are all controlled in a limited constitutional form of government. When the president defines that the presidency's Supreme, and is going to exert all power over the other 2, we've lost our constitutional republic. We're going toward a dictatorship controlled by RFID chips, and ID cards in our pockets with biometrics that can do face scans.

Nothing's ever impressed me, as going through Aushwitz, the concentration camp in Poland. You know one of the things that impressed me most about it, was how many records the Germans kept. The names, the numbers, and a building full of records of people they'd killed. The concentration camps were all lined up in rigid order, it was order, order, order. And what they were doing was killing 6 million people, but they did it in a precise, bureaucratic fashion. And as i walked through Aushwitz, and I'd been there twice, I said this is the final result of a Godless bureaucracy.....


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on July 29, 2008, 10:12:51 AM
Hello Sister Barbara,

It's possible that we are seeing many things that will usher in the Tribulation Period. If these are End Days events leading up to the Tribulation Period, we won't be able to stop them. However, nothing changes how Christians are supposed to act or what Christians are to say. Evil is still evil and good is still good.

Someone told me that Christians might be resisting GOD if the fore-ordained end days of this Age of Grace are near or here. NO - we are NOT resisting GOD by continuing to stand up for right and against wrong! If the events are intended by GOD to happen, they will happen, regardless of what Christians do. As Christians, we just need to remember that our instructions from GOD and the HOLY BIBLE haven't changed, so we shouldn't be confused. Christians should just continue to march until JESUS takes us HOME. GOD'S Expectations of us haven't changed. GOD will NOT buy the excuse from us that we didn't do anything because we thought the event was caused or allowed by HIM! The devil will be turned loose on the earth, but our responsibilities as Christians remain the same. There have been conflicts between good and evil since BEFORE Adam, and these conflicts will continue until the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. Do Christians have to guess which side they should take? NO!  -  GOD expects us to side with Good and obey what HE'S Already told us to do. GOD will NEVER instruct us to do something evil or to call evil good. There are many things about the WAR between good and evil that we don't understand in this life. Those who like to mock GOD try to always hang the blame on GOD. They'll say something like, "GOD allowed it, so it's all HIS fault." NO - THIS WON'T FLY! This would be like saying that GOD allowed us to sin, so the sin is GOD'S fault. Thoughts like these are blasphemy and should never cross the minds of Christians. GOD created us and allows us to live with freedom of choice. GOD told man NOT TO SIN and stated the consequences. The BIGGEST sin and the ONLY UNFORGIVABLE sin is REJECTION OF JESUS CHRIST!

Brothers and Sisters, our HOPE is in the Rock-Solid Hands of ALMIGHTY GOD! The HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD lives in our hearts even in this short life. We might not know what will happen tonight or tomorrow, but GOD is with us and we know about Eternity in JESUS CHRIST! ALL of us will eventually experience fear, pain, illness, or death unless CHRIST takes us HOME first. We need to remember WHO we belong to when we experience hard times. WE BELONG TO CHRIST! We also need to remember that this world is NOT our home. OUR HOME IS IN HEAVEN WITH JESUS CHRIST!

Love In Christ,

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bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 29, 2008, 03:23:21 PM
Again, and again I agree, Brother Tom,

You've made me think of John the Baptist. He came to tell the people to repent. He wouldn't 'bend'. As Jesus said, 'What did you go out in the desert to see? A reed swayed by the wind?' He stood by God's Word and proclaimed, even to Herod, what was wrong - it would cost him his life! But he clearly stated the Word and purpose of God. When he saw 'wrong' he declared what was right; he wasn't 'swayed' by political pressure or political correctness.

I've read that he was like a cedar, which when the winds blow, still does not bend, and if the wind blows hard enough it will be toppled but never bent. That's an example for us, I think, to always cling to the Word of God and not bend to the leanings of an immoral society. John was toppled, just as the cedar tree. But he had trusted in God, and declared TRUTH when he told Herod that he'd sinned by marrying his brother's wife.

We need to follow his example, as he followed Christ, and declare TRUTH. Even though people may not accept it at first, their conscience recognizes it as fact. That's how I came to accept the Lord - the TRUTH was decleared to me and I couldn't deny it! God's TRUTH changes lives. And even though things may not go the way WE want it to, as long as we submit to God and declare the TRUTH of His Messiah, we'll be in God's hands and He will accomplish His Will in our lives and the lives of others! We must declare TRUTH, it may not be easy but it is what our Messiah, Jesus Christ did. We're called to be his disciples, and do the same, for the love of lost souls!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on July 29, 2008, 06:32:24 PM

What we all have left to do is pray for Strength and Courage to do GOD'S Will and yield ourselves for HIS Use, even if it means facing death. There is NO better way to die

Love In Christ,

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If the golden prize has eluded our grasp
God is a God of equity. He will exact according to what
a man has, not according to what he has not. He will not
look for figs or grapes where He has only given common
herbs. He will not expect pounds where He has only given
pence - talents where He has only given mites. If we have
little - limited and restricted means and opportunities - let
us remember it is because He has withheld more. If the
golden prize has eluded our grasp, it is because He saw
we would be better without it. His gifts and benefactions
are many and diversified. Let it be our endeavor to be
"good stewards" to the extent of our responsibilities.
 -- John MacDuff  1895

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 29, 2008, 08:52:11 PM
Amen, Brother Tom!!

It is the only way to go!! The Truth (Jesus) is so powerful!! It seems to even be affecting the subject of this thread!

Now, I just got this red-alert from Corsi:

North American Union: The Dream 'is Dead'
Father of alignment of US, Mexico and Canada says secret plan has been killed by left, right

By Jerome Corsi

The Security and Prosperity of N. America is dead, says Robert A. Pastor, the American University Professor who for more than a decade has been a major proponent of building a N. American Community.

"The new president will probably discard the SPP," Pastor wrote in an article titled "The Future of N. America", published in the current July/August issue of the CFR magazine Foreign Affairs.

The SPP, which critics contend is a step toward a N. American Union, is an agreement to increase cooperation on security and economic issues, signed by the leaders of the US, Mexico and Canada in 2005. Despite having no authorization from Congress, the Bush administration launched extensive working-group activity to implement the agreement. The working-groups , ranging from e-commerce to aviation policy, to borders and immigration - have counterparts in Mexico and Canada.

" The April summit meeting was probably the last hurrah for the SPP," Pastor wrote, referring to the fourth annual SPP meeting held in April in New Orleans.

Pastor attributes the failure of SPP to its largely bureaucratic nature and the decision policy makers made to keep SPP largely below the radar of public opinion.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 29, 2008, 09:28:18 PM

"The strategy of acting on technical issues in an incremental bureaucratic way and keeping the issues away from the public view has generated more suspicions than accomplishments," Pastor admitted.

Pastor blames critics for the failure of the SPP, charging it has come under attack from both ends of the political spectrum.

"From the right have come attacks based on cultural anxieties of being overrun by Mexican immigrants and fears that cooperation with Canada and Mexico could lead down a slippery slope toward a N. American Union," he wrote. "From the left came attacks based on economic fears of jobs lost due to unfair trading practices."

"These two sets of fears came together in a perfect storm that was pushed forward by a surplus of hot air from talk-show hosts on radio and television," he continued. "In the face of this criticism, the Bush administration was silent, and the Democratic candidates competed for votes in the rust-belt states, where unions and many working people have come to see NAFTA and globalization much as commentator Lou Dobbs does."

Pastor denied he had ever urged the creation of a N. American Union.

"Dobbs, among others, viewed a report by a 2005 CFR task force, (which I chaired), 'Building a N. American Community', as the manifesto of a conspiracy to subvert American soverignty," he asserted. "Dobbs claimed that the CFR study proposed a N. American Union, although it did not."

Pastor has argued consistently for a "North American Community" as suggested by the title of his 2001 book entitled, "Toward a North American Community".

In a commentary authored for WND, Pastor stressed, "I do not propose a N. Amer. Union, I propose a N. American Community."

Pastor argued the two were different in that the North American Community would involve "three soverign governments that seek to strengthen bonds of cooperation."

Noting that the European Community was a transitional state between the European Common Market and the European Union, Pastor conceded to WND that, "I don't think a political union of N. America is an inherently bad idea, nor do I think it is a good idea for right now."

Despite the SPP setback, Pastor remains determined to advise a different approach to his continued goal of integrating the US, Mexico and Canada into a N. American Community.

The three heads of state must also commit to building a new consciousness, a new way of thinking about one's neighbors and about the continental agenda," he said. "Americans, Canadians and Mexicans can be nationals and North Americans at the same time."

To correct the defects of the SPP bureaucratic closed-door process, Pastor's CFR article recommended creating new North American institutions, inclucing a North American Investment Fund of at least $20 billion a year "to connect central and southern Mexico to the US with roads, ports and communitcations."

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, dropped his support for senate bill 3622 in the 109th Congress when WND reported the N. American Investment Fund proposed by the legislation would enact a key proposal Pastor has frequently made for his North American Community agenda.

In his CFR article, Pastor also called for the continuation of annual North American heads-of-state summits and the appointment in the next administration of a national adviser for N. American affairs, who would chair a cabinet level committee to formulate a comprehensive plan for N. America.

Pastor also encouraged creating a dozen university centers for North American studies "to educate a new generation of students to think North American."

WND reported on the fourth annual North American Model Parlaiment held this year in Montral, Canada, for 100 university students from Canada, the US and Mexico.

The North American Model Parlaiment is sponsered by the North American Forum on integration, on which Pastor serves as a board member.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on July 30, 2008, 10:56:22 AM
So, to summarize the above article:

The SPP is dead. But Pastor still wants to implement the plan for a N. American Community, and to 're-educate' the ignorant people of the US, that just because these same steps were taken in the EU doesn't necessarily mean it will happen here - really, he wouldn't lie.  ::)

Even so, he doesn't consider a N. Amer. Union as a bad idea - just it  won't be right now. (Didn't he say that the next 9-11 would push this plan forward?)

According to Pastor, We the People, just need to learn a 'new way of thinking', and that new way is his way.

And, oh yeah, they're still going to continue building 'roads, ports and communications', which the Chinese have already poured billions of dollars into.

But it's dead.........really, he wouldn't lie - would he?

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on July 30, 2008, 11:10:34 AM
Hello Barbara,

I like your display of sarcasm here.  ;) It is quite fitting. As I commented on this in another thread, this plan is far from dead. It is just an action to remove it from the public eye. Congress has "Passed 94% of Bills without Debate or Roll Call Vote"

This sort of action will continue in the Senate to get what they know would otherwise fail all the while trying to keep it out of the public. The democrats are going to get what they want even if it is by illegal means.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: HisDaughter on July 30, 2008, 11:37:52 AM
Hello Barbara,

I like your display of sarcasm here.  ;) It is quite fitting. As I commented on this in another thread, this plan is far from dead. It is just an action to remove it from the public eye. Congress has "Passed 94% of Bills without Debate or Roll Call Vote"

This sort of action will continue in the Senate to get what they know would otherwise fail all the while trying to keep it out of the public. The democrats are going to get what they want even if it is by illegal means.

I'll ditto all that PR.  I saw this article somewhere else the other day and thought it was a bunch of mirrors and smoke-screens.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on July 30, 2008, 11:59:18 AM
Brothers and Sisters,

YES - we now have a secret government that is above the accountability of the people. Realistically, our country has been illegally SOLD OUT! Now, it's a matter for the people to decide what to do about this. How much is left of our structure for the Rule of OUR LAWS and OUR CONSTITUTIONS?

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on August 01, 2008, 01:55:43 PM
Absolutely blackeyedpeas!!!

We have to keep calling attention to this matter! Most people I know do not believe this is happening, but it will, right before their eyes. So my husband and I just keep telling people, hoping they'll have 'ears to hear'. Maybe that's not granted to them yet. Sometimes people don't want to hear, but soon there will be no choice - ESPECIALLY if they elect Osama/Obama! We need to pray for our country. We have heard a candidate from Texas, I believe, a Pastor Chuck Baldwin. We've only heard part of what he had to say and so want to look into his platform more (if anyone has heard of him, I'd be grateful for more information), but he was saying that he would get rid of the Federal Reserve, stop the SPP, bring back family values, etc., etc. What we heard, we liked - but we haven't heard enough to recommend him - only enough to peak our interest. He actually sounded like 'one of us'.

Anyway, I'm going to continue Corsi's comments from the origianl conference in case there's something in there that will help us understand better when these conspiracies to form a regional N. America continue going on behind closed doors:


"...that's what a Godless bureaucracy does. It lists, numbers and creates rules while it kills the people. And the threat to a Godless bureaucracy is the people. We're in a form of government where our founding fathers trusted the people, they trusted the people because they believed in God. They believed there was a purpose here beyond money, beyond greed.

When I was up at Montebello, registering, going through all the security, taking these busses (they bussed us from Ottawa up to Montebello), going through the security lines - there was hundreds of millions of dollars spent for this conference. And ya know, already the conference was falling apart, Stephen Harper, I documented, asked President Bush NOT to bring Sec'y of State Rice, because he didn't want it to be a Sec'y of State ministerial meeting at that level. Because Harper was getting too much pressure in Canada that this is not a transparent process. And Canadians are saying 'No'. I'm getting e-mails even today from Mexicans who are saying, 'you're not aware of it but there's Mexicans down here who oppose this too. Because we see it as a formula to keep our people in poverty, and enslaved. We want to resist it, we want there to be a reason to have a Mexico, and Mexicans to be able to live here with a life that enriches and develops them.'

They even had Phillipe Calderone, the President of Mexico, at that meeting. He said he had to go back early, because of the hurricane Dana hitting Mexico. Well, even when he said that, reports were coming on the news that the hurricane had already been downgraded and wasn't going to do much damage. Phillipe Calderone wanted out of there because he was mad at Bush. Bush didn't deliver his promise, he didn't get amnesty for the Mexicans. So Calderone didn't want to be at the meeting anymore. The 3 Amigos were breaking up because Bush isn't delivering. Bush couldn't deliver, because the American people are catching on, and the Canadians are catching on, and the Mexicans are catching on.

In Europe, movements are starting to demand referendums because people see that their economic freedom, their political freedom has been taken away from them in this march towards bureaucratic control. And the bureaucrats say, '...look we dont' have any wars...' Yeah, well wait until they get a chance to have some, wait until they get to destroy Europe even further by bringing in millions and millions more immigrants, Islamic militants, and destroying the fundamental culture of Europe. Advancing into the control again of the corporate structure.

We can live with all religions peacefully, but we have to start with respect for Jesus Christ and respect for our religion, as well as respecting the religions of others. And we don't have to give up the USA in order to advance into a global war, a global world. We can be citizens of a global world while preserving the integrity and supremacy of our law and our way of government. We have a hard enough time with our own politicians, let alone having some nameless group in N. America set the rules. And that's where we'll be headed.

In the name of business, we may advance down the same route of greed, being seduced by cheap goods, and a standard of living that we're told is dependent on those goods. Our standard of living is not dependent on goods. Go back to the generation that won WWII, the generation that won the Civil War. They had no telephones in the Civil War, but they had freedom. They didn't have the conveniences of the internet, but they were able to communicate and establish that they didn't want slavery. They didn't have the ability to travel in a jet over to Brussels to attend some secret international meeting. But they could get together in Philadelphia and write some documents that they circulated to the people for approval. Because they believed in God, and they believed in freedom and they trusted the people. And they DID NOT set up a structure that said 'In Congress We Trust', or 'In the Multi-Nat'l Corp We Trust', or 'In the Bureaucrat We Trust', they said, 'IN GOD WE TRUST', and that was fundamental.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on August 07, 2008, 03:49:41 PM

I'm to the point where, I not only think the U.N. might be better off as a parking lot, I think we'd be better off if we took every single book taught to our children in the schools and threw them away, because they're being taught this Global, Internationalist, Godless agenda right before our eyes. And I think if that continues we've gotta say, 'Close down the public schools. John Dewey was wrong, we don't need them anymore.' Because that agenda will most assuredly destroy us, all in the name of the almighty Amero, or whatever they choose to call  the new currency.

As we reconfigure the United States into these NAFTA SuperHighways, you've gotta think the plan in Texas is to tear up 4,000 acres, criss-crossing Texas with these highways. Not just build one along Interstate 35, it's gonna displace 1 million Texans, 538,000 acres removed from the tax roles. The reason they can do this is because Texas' only value to the multi-nationalists is the crossroads through which the goods from China, and the cheap goods from all the other countries south of us are gonna pour into our markets, headed towards the in-land 'ports' and the warehouses, with Kansas City building a Mexican Customs office in the heart of Kansas City.

They don't need Texas farms and Texas ranches because it's too expensive. They'll make the farm produce in some other country or China, and if it's poisonous, so what? Only some people are gonna die. It's collateral damage to the multi-nat'l corporations. The dollar is gonna be deteriorated systematically. They'll try to do it slow, so you don't notice it so much. But, just like I said, look at the benchmarks. Bush takes over in 2000, oil is at $22 a barrel; today we don't know where it will stop; the Euro was .87 cents to the dollar, today (back in Feb.) $1.42 and going higher; gold dramatically increasing to where it's $750, I believe it was $250 in 2000. And we're being lied to that there's no inflation. 3 to 5 million jobs shipped overseas since 2000, with our economists telling us it's gonna be 40 million jobs shipped overseas in the next 2 decades, outsourcing.

96.9% of all Americans, including those technically educated with college degrees, according to the bureau of labor statistics, loosing real mean income, average income since 2000 while Bush has been President. Only 3.4% of all people at the very top of the multi-nat'l corps. gain. We have lost, during Bush's term, at an increasing rate, but the infrastructure was set by his father, who pushed NAFTA, talked about a New World Order, gave 2 speeches on it including one in front of a joint session of Congress. It was advanced by Bill Clinton, got NAFTA signed, pushed China to get into the World Trade Organization, gave away our technological and other secrets, largely to China and India, and galloped around the world in meetings. How'd they get to be worth millions of dollars? Why is Hillary Clinton's net worth $500,000 when she goes to become a Senator, and how many millions today? Where'd she get that money? Bill Clinton gets millions of dollars in speaking fees in Dubai along with multi-nat'l corps. and now Dubai has come into our stock exchange.

Public Private Partnerships with USA being for sale. With this plan, by the year 2020 or before, we will  not be the USA except in name only. Yes we'll still be the USA but we won't have control of our borders; we won't have control of our laws; we won't have control of our children; and we won't have control of our corporations. We'll be a number. We'll be begging for jobs pumping gasoline. With no health insurance unless the gov't provides it, and no retirement plan whatsoever, because as we are older we become obsolete.

The end result of bureaucrats is not a world of freedom it's a world of control - and the control is measured by profit. As I walked through Aushwitz, I realized that the only thing that stood between us and Aushwitz, were the men and women who went and fought in WWII - who died fighting to beat fascism. Are we now going to let fascism in the back door?


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on August 07, 2008, 04:59:16 PM
'Close down the public schools.

I agree totally with this. Christian parents need to pull their children out of public schools a long time ago. Public schools are nothing more than an indoctrination center for all that is evil. Actual educational training is very minimal if at all. The quality of educational levels of students that actually complete high school through public education has fallen tremendously from what it was in the mid 1960's. The levels of passing SAT, ASVAB and other such tests has dramatically declined. Those students that have either been home schooled or schooled in Christian Institutes has dramatically risen.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on August 18, 2008, 02:18:05 PM

"Are we going to let our elected officials tell us '...this is for our security and prosperity' and we look under the agenda of the N. American Competitiveness Council, the multi-nat'l corporations again pressing the green button and going for slaves? We've gotta understand, slavery did not work for the African Americans, it did not work before the labor unions were created, and it will not work today. And human beings will have to resist it the same way, we have it within our control to resist it now, at a grass roots level, by supporting candidates who'll speak out against these things.

When the moral Christians united and said Rudy Giuliani and all these other Republican candidates who support abortion, we will not give them our support. Even if the Republican party falls apart, who cares if they weren't supplying our needs by putting an abortionist as one of it's top candidates. If they say, '...well you'll just get Hillary or Barak...' we'll retort...'if we get them, in the first 6 months we'll impeach them too...' They don't have to be in there 4 years, we'll start early. Because we're sick of this...the American people have gotta reach a point where we're tired of not being heard.

We want secure borders. We want God left in the United States of America, on the coins and in the schools. We want the name of Jesus Christ able to be spoken with honor throughout the country. We want our children educated to understand American history and freedom. We want workers in the United States able to earn a living wage and retire with dignity, and health care provided through their place of employment. And the internationalists who want to ship our businesses overseas, let them go somewhere else.

It's time, as we take America back, to assert that we are the people, and we still have that right. We can do it peacefully, we can do it forcefully. If we have to vote everybody who's in office out - fine - vote 'em all out. The ones who come after them, if they don't do what we're wanting again, vote them out. Even this lie of Republican and Democratic party - let them both disintegrate. Parties reconfigured at the time of the Civil War and they can do it again.

What we need is One Nation, Under God, Indivisible;

We need liberty and justice for all;

We need the principles the men and women who are in Arlington fought and died for;

We need to preserve the United States of America's sovereignty.

And I pray with you tonight that God has that destiny for us, because it is in our hands to secure that destiny for ourselves and for our children. God Bless You All!
Thank You"

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on August 18, 2008, 06:43:49 PM

Sister Barbara, everything you mentioned is RIGHT! What we don't know is how much longer Christians will be on this earth. What you said could be done, but it would take some time and a lot of effort. It would be well worth it.

Love In Christ,

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Title: Canada to keep watch on Russia's Arctic activities
Post by: Shammu on August 21, 2008, 12:31:03 AM
Canada to keep watch on Russia's Arctic activities
Andrew Mayeda, Canwest News Service
Published: Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IQALUIT - Canada will be keeping closer watch on Russian activities in the Arctic following the invasion of Georgia, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Tuesday, adding that Ottawa appears to have entered a "new era" of relations with Moscow.

"We're obviously very concerned about much of what Russia has been doing lately," MacKay said after launching Operation Nanook, a military-led Arctic sovereignty exercise.

"When we see a Russian bear approaching Canadian air space, we meet them with an F-18," said MacKay, referring to Arctic patrol flights by Russian bombers. "We remind them that this is Canadian air space, that this is Canadian sovereign air space, and they turn back. And we are going to continue to do that, to demonstrate that we are watching closely their activities here."

MacKay's comments came as NATO allies issued a joint statement saying that relations with Russia could not remain "business as usual."

Led by the United States, Western countries have been putting pressure on Russia to honour a French-brokered ceasefire deal under which both sides would withdraw to the positions they held before fighting started.

Russian forces pushed into Georgia earlier this month after the Georgian army occupied the breakaway province of South Ossetia.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada would review all aspects of its relations with Russia. Last week, the prime minister accused Russia of reverting to a "Soviet-era mentality" with the invasion.

"It's a strong statement that says that Russia must respect the territorial integrity of Georgia and obviously we must all respect this integrity for all of the countries of the UN," Harper said in Hamilton. "Obviously I believe the message in general of this statement is that it's not business as usual with NATO and Russia and this is a very important incident.

"I said last week that it indicates a philosophy that is Soviet and that is unacceptable for Canada."

Harper pledged that Canada will continue to ensure that "Russians respect their commitment in this crisis with Georgia."

He added that Canada will re-examine "all aspects" of its relationship with Russia, including those that deal with strategic and military situations.

NATO, in addition to its "no business as usual" warning, established a NATO-Georgian commission to formally discuss issues like Georgia's need to rebuild its military.

MacKay suggested the recent developments in Georgia have fundamentally changed relations with Moscow.

"Unfortunately, we appear to be entering a new era of relations with Russia," the defence minister said. "That is, again, something that we will be taking very close stock of, day to day, as we watch things progress, in Georgia but also in other regions, including the Canadian Arctic."

Russia has increasingly flexed its muscles in the Arctic, as the accelerating ice melt has made northern waters more accessible to commercial shipping and stoked interest in the Arctic's vast oil and gas reserves.

Last year, Russia planted its flag on the seabed below the North Pole and resumed flights of strategic bomber jets over the Arctic Ocean, a practice that had been halted shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

This summer, the Russian military announced plans to increase the "operational radius'' of Russia's northern submarine fleet and reinforce the Russian army's combat readiness along the Arctic coast.

Despite the concerns expressed by MacKay, Canada's top soldier, General Walt Natynczyk, suggested there will be few changes in the near future to how Canada conducts its military operations in the Arctic.

"I would say that from a Canadian Forces standpoint, we have to secure the North from anyone who approaches it without filing flight plan, without following our regulations. And that hasn't changed. It hasn't changed for decades, and that's what we're going to continue to do," said the chief of defence staff, who was also in town to observe the exercise.

The week-long sovereignty exercise, which will involve roughly 600 personnel, will test Canada's readiness for Arctic emergencies. In addition to the army, navy and air force, several federal agencies and departments are participating, including the Coast Guard, RCMP, CSIS, Canada Border Services Agency, Transport Canada and Health Canada.

Military officials say this year's exercise involves the most number of departments and agencies ever.

They will simulate several emergency scenarios, including a disease outbreak aboard a cruise ship, an oil spill from a commercial tanker, and a "mass casualty" incident aboard a cargo ship.

MacKay made it clear that asserting Canada's Arctic sovereignty, and sending a message to circumpolar neighbours such as Russia, is also a key objective of the exercise.

"Our presence here, as far as the Canadian military (goes), puts down an important footprint in the Arctic," he said. "As the prime minister has said, we use it, or we lose it. And we intend to use it."

As part of the Harper government's plans to expand Canada's presence in the North, MacKay is expected to announced on Thursday several million in funding over five years for the Junior Canadian Rangers, the youth wing of the part-time reserve force that patrols the Arctic.

Canada to keep watch on Russia's Arctic activities (

Title: Re: Canada to keep watch on Russia's Arctic activities
Post by: Shammu on August 21, 2008, 12:36:38 AM
"Unfortunately, we appear to be entering a new era of relations with Russia," the defence minister said. "That is, again, something that we will be taking very close stock of, day to day, as we watch things progress, in Georgia but also in other regions, including the Canadian Arctic."

Russia has increasingly flexed its muscles in the Arctic, as the accelerating ice melt has made northern waters more accessible to commercial shipping and stoked interest in the Arctic's vast oil and gas reserves.

Read between the lines and the non-panic information. You can see they are saying, the Soviet Union, cold war is on. No government in the west wants to say anything that scares the people.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on August 21, 2008, 12:23:35 PM
Amen brother!

I wonder if our guys are stepping up patrols in Alaska. There seems to be tension in every corner of the world right now -- amazing!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on August 21, 2008, 12:42:58 PM
Russia was moving into the arctic waters because of a warm period there. As a result the leaders of the Pentagonís Pacific Command, Northern Command and Transportation Command strongly recommended in a letter that the Joint Chiefs of Staff endorse a push by the Coast Guard to increase the countryís ability to gain access to and control its Arctic waters.

We only have two 30-year-old heavy icebreakers, the Polar Sea and Polar Star, and one ice-breaking ship devoted mainly to science, the Healy, are grossly inadequate. Also, the Polar Star is out of service.

With the arctic warm period seeming to fade and refreezing of the waters it seems the urgency is not as great as it was thought to be. However the Pentagon is still making it's push to increase the Coast Guards presence in the area anyway.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on October 07, 2008, 08:04:19 PM
Wasn't sure where to put this:

World Net Daily

Kenya Detains Corsi During Obama Probe

NAIROBI, Kenya, - The government of Kenya is holding WND senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi in custody at immigration headquarters after police picked him up  at his hotel just prior to a scheduled news conference in which he planned to announce the findings of his investigation into Barak Obama's connections in the country. Corsi, the author of the number 1 best selling book, "The Obama Nation", was picked up by authorities at his hotel at 9:45 am and is being detained at Nyayo House, the provincial headquarters for Nairobi. "Just as we were about to start the 10 am press conference at the Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi, Kenyan immigration approached us and detained us," Corsi reported. Corsi had extensive meetings with top Kenyan officials upon him for his arrival. His visit and his activities during his stay have been well known to authorities at the highest levels.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on October 07, 2008, 08:58:16 PM
Wasn't sure where to put this:

World Net Daily

Kenya Detains Corsi During Obama Probe

NAIROBI, Kenya, - The government of Kenya is holding WND senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi in custody at immigration headquarters after police picked him up  at his hotel just prior to a scheduled news conference in which he planned to announce the findings of his investigation into Barak Obama's connections in the country. Corsi, the author of the number 1 best selling book, "The Obama Nation", was picked up by authorities at his hotel at 9:45 am and is being detained at Nyayo House, the provincial headquarters for Nairobi. "Just as we were about to start the 10 am press conference at the Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi, Kenyan immigration approached us and detained us," Corsi reported. Corsi had extensive meetings with top Kenyan officials upon him for his arrival. His visit and his activities during his stay have been well known to authorities at the highest levels.

Hello Sister Barbara,

Here is just fine. This is a huge and important story. I don't know how many will try to cover it from various angles. I just pray that the TRUTH comes out and everyone finds out about it. I think I've seen good coverage on this so far, and I hope it gets better.

Love In Christ,

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available and endless. His promises are real and glorious, beyond our
wildest dreams. -- J. B. Phillips

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on October 07, 2008, 10:42:46 PM
Jerome Corsi was railroaded out of Kenya and told not to come back. He was escorted to the airport with armed guards. One unidentified official told him, "Don't ever come back. See you in hell."

I am looking forward to seeing what Corsi has to say when he gets back home.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on October 08, 2008, 12:43:25 AM
Jerome Corsi was railroaded out of Kenya and told not to come back. He was escorted to the airport with armed guards. One unidentified official told him, "Don't ever come back. See you in hell."

I am looking forward to seeing what Corsi has to say when he gets back home.

Hello Pastor Roger,

It just hit me that I'm getting most of the IMPORTANT NEWS from a Christian perspective HERE! I give thanks for that, and I thank those who are making the posts.

I've been thinking for a long time that it's really difficult for Christians to get accurate information on just about anything these days. We should know that we're not going to get it on network news. SADLY, I already know that my local newspaper is a liberal loser that prints only what they want us to know. What they want us to know is inaccurate, lop-sided, lacking truth, and DESIGNED TO MANIPULATE MASSES OF PEOPLE. In other words, we are being brain-washed, and we aren't going to get the truth unless we go looking for it.

I've started visiting a few HIGHLY trusted Christian news sources, but I still get most of my news right here on Christians Unite. One of the most impressive Christian News agencies with lots of FACTUAL RESOURCES has become WND, and it's getting better by the day. I've also noticed that their TRUST LEVEL is so high that many other Christian organizations and individual Christians depend on WND and a few other excellent agencies for the TRUTH. They are performing a VALUABLE and DANGEROUS service for all of us, and I give thanks that the TRUTH is still getting out - even to non-Christians. All people with common sense DESERVE THE TRUTH - NOT talking points from many with RADICAL POLITICAL AGENDAS. We get hammered with these radical talking points day in and day out to the extent that many people with common sense are beginning to believe it. This is the NATURE OF SOCIALISM and the importance of FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! This is also one of our liberties that we must never give up. We don't want to be like mushrooms fed in the dark.


Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on October 22, 2008, 01:52:00 PM
Just noticed something and was wondering if others have seen the same thing.

Last week I bought a beef roast, put it in the freezer until we were ready to have it for dinner and took it out last night to defrost it. My husband just looked at the label while it was sitting on the counter and noticed the label said:

Product of US and Canada and Mexico

Sounds like things are moving along quickly and very definately under the radar! Has anyone else noticed this? I bought it in Publix Supermarket here in Florida.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on October 22, 2008, 02:35:56 PM
Everything in my freezer is labeled with USDA and the local supermarket's labels. On 30 Sept the "Country of Origin Labeling" (COOL) rules came into effect in the U.S.

This ruling requires the product to be labeled according to country that product originated in. Apparently the market that you use must get it's meat from all three nations. I get mine from Kroger, WalMart, County Market and sometimes from a local family owned butcher shop. (I'm a price shopper.)

The Kroger here does have some meats that are marked from other nations such as a 10lb pkg of a certain type of ribs that comes from the EU. If your market gets their meat from one of the big meat processing plants that gets it meat from more than one nation then it would have to be labeled with all nations of source.

For more on this:

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Barbara on October 22, 2008, 03:18:09 PM
Thanks Pastor Roger,

I guess I'll have to be a little pickier about the meat I buy. Publix is the largest grocery store in this area, and so it's very convenient. We used to buy from Kroger too, when we lived in Virginia. I'd never seen this label before so I must say, I was really surprised.

But I'll definately go out of my way to buy American!!!

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: Soldier4Christ on October 22, 2008, 03:30:17 PM
Buying American is getting more difficult all of the time. As the article said, "About 10 percent of hogs and cattle slaughtered each year in U.S. packinghouses -- about 10 million hogs and 2.5 million cattle -- were born in Mexico or Canada." That's quite a lot really and it also said that if that particluar market didn't exceed $230,000.00 in meat sales in a year that they were exempted from that labeling ruling. Of course most Kroger stores would still fall under the ruling as they usually will have much more than that in sales.

Title: Re: CANAMERICO - the Coming North American Union
Post by: nChrist on November 03, 2008, 08:14:08 PM
Sister Barbara and All,

I think that we all need to be paying more attention and going out of our way to support our own farmers and ranchers. It appears that things are going to get rough. If we don't support our own, we'll lose our own and become hostages of our suppliers. We should have learned something with oil, but we evidently didn't. I think we are all guilty of buying various things that either hurt our own workers or put them out of business. I honestly think that we all MUST learn how to take care of each other and try the best we can to preserve every job and make more jobs because of our patronage. Besides, our beef is the highest quality one can buy, and it's SAFE. Please - I'm not saying anything bad about markets in other countries, but we need to keep our own markets that are employing our workers trying to care for their families. If we aren't thinking about things like this yet, we will be after another 700,000 jobs are lost.

Love In Christ,