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Title: My Jesus necklace
Post by: faithgirl49 on April 05, 2008, 10:42:17 PM
I had a necklace with Jesus on the Cross. In 1999 the childrend of a lady who I was friends and with inquired about it. I told the kidstwo girls and a boy. who were four, eleven, and six about Jesus sacrifice for us. I told them that if  e accpeted Jesus as Savior, we would go to heaven instead of Hell on Judgment Day. The kids admonished me when I said hell. They had never heard about Jesus' sacrifice for us. I patiently explained that there was a place called Helll for Satan and his angels. I told them that God didn't want man to go to hell and that is why Jesus died on the Cross. I asked the two oldest hildren if they wanted to accpet Jesus into their hearts. As I was praying for my GFriend's son age eleven to accept Jesus as his Savior, I could hear a harp being played. When I said amen I could se Jesus looking at me, smiiling. I prayed for my  former friend's oldest daughterto accept Jesus as her Savior. I didn't feel that her little sister understood since she had not heard the story before. Shortly after this she began saying Jesus i bigger than the sky. Jesus is bigger than mommy, Jesus is bigger than daddy etc. Her dad didn't like that.