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Title: Witnessing For Christ
Post by: 4GodsGlory on August 14, 2007, 05:29:58 PM
;D, Being a witness for Christ is one of the most impowering thing for a Christian's faith, and to speak the truth, we are sent out among others to tell the truth about who God is which He is Jesus, who came to die for us, which is the most truth. God wants to save everyone, but for all believers, you may not know it, but as Jesus said we are like salt, and light to the world, for the world is blind, and follows any thing that sounds good, or believable, and mostly the toughest for most people is being obedient to God as soon as they see that they rather believe in something else, and another thing, we have to trust that God exists even though we cannot see Him, but we can feel Him through are emotions, which are 10X's as stronger as they once were before, but you also suffer as Christ does, meaning with the spiritual warfare, we are a threat to the one of this world, and he will try to do anything to stop us in our work, with his overpowering hatred, his desire to destroy us, and his tactic to lie, and to deceive us. To witness for Christ, we go through these battles, having no idea, how to deal with them, but we must keep in mind it is God's victory. But we suffer, and in that we we feel for the people that are blinded and we jut wish we could do anything, even risk our lives for them. And in a shorter way, its like, before Jesus died on the cross to pay for our heavy price, He felt for us in such a strong way that He was so willing to die just to get close to Him. There are lots of ways to witnessing for Christ, but don't force an unbeliever, for they will go the other way faster, and believe me, it will hurt you more than anything. Also if you receive spiritual gifts, and you use them, your faith becomes stronger by personal experience. Prayer, and reading Gods word is important, but all God wants from anyone is to believe and then right then in their you our baptized by the holy spirit with water,and fire. Many people don't really understand what God means, for His knowledge surpasses ours, but if you pray,and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the Bible better you will, if you believe. So stand strong, and do not be afraid for God is with us.

Title: Re: Witnessing For Christ
Post by: Jon-Marc on August 15, 2007, 04:00:52 AM
Something that is equally as important as witnessing to people is living Jesus Christ before others. If they don't see His love in us, they won't be interested in anything we have to say.

Title: Re: Witnessing For Christ
Post by: Littleboy on October 14, 2007, 01:59:44 PM
I love 4GodsGlory's answer: I ditto that one!
God Bless & Stay Strong and Keep gathering guest for the Marriage.
The seeds you plant in the hearts of man today,
God will Water tomorrow...
That SEED has been planted, Now it is between him and God where it leads him...
You know the old story "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink"
It's the same with the unbeliever kinda,with 1 differance, GOD has way's of bending one's knee's!
Our love for each other and the good conversations we have in christ, will win the hearts of many of the lost.
Praise be to God...