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Title: Rapture season 2006/2007 facts & evidence
Post by: twobombs on November 11, 2003, 04:53:32 PM
or: why Twobombs keeps on rambling about the day of the Rapture.

on the 7th of April 1993 I had a big, big vision

I dreamt that I walked together with a friend down a hall in wich kopper dishes where stacked and stashed. At the end of the dark damp hall there was a door. When we opened the door I saw on a table an old tube driven radio. It had a scale on it from Daniel 12:1 to Daniel 12:6 A voice told me: tune in on Daniel 12:1 or even better on Daniel 12:6.  When I looked in the small cabin I saw that it stood in the middle of a big flat field. The wind of the great plane blew unto the small house; the wind pounded on the small house, yet the it remained.

As I looked more outside I saw a big River on that plane that streamed wide from the far left to the far right of my sight. And I saw men standing on the water busy with some sort of preparation for upcoming events.

As though that wasn't enough a few days later the biggest vision came :

I dreamt that I sat beside the same River claying with the seasand from the shore when suddenly the heavens above me opened up and an angel from heaven with a long white robe descended and stood beside me and spoke with fire in His eyes : " Hear the Word of the Lord, consider your costs before you start"

Then I heard a voice from heaven speaking to me and He said: " My son, don't you know that you'll be like Adam after the Rapture ? "

Then the Spirit took me unto a high mountain, and I felt I became great and strong. And God spoke to me and said : " Like Moses saw the promised land on the mountain , I will show you My City ! "

Whilst the voice spoke I saw the sun turn from yellow to red, and as I gained altitude the skies also turned red.

And at the beginning of the River I saw the City of gold with a tower on each side, and the gold of the city reached into the heavens, far above the clouds.

It was a marvellous sight; with angels working in the fields in front of the City, and all the splendour of the City itself; it was marvellous

I believe that the dream told me the judgement of my life and also when and in what way the Rapture will occur. I believe that this is a massive solar eclipse, of wich there are only few. That day should also have striking parallels wich the Jewish calender and supposably mark the beginning of the tribulation and the fullfilment of a Jewish Feast.

From that day on I tried to find out what day it was and what was the meaning of such a direct pinpoint to scripture.

So far I have made the following progress :

- In the vision the rapture took place in the day of a solar eclipse
- In the vision Daniel 12:1 is intertwined with the rapture

And more, much more....

more info on , click on ' rapture '

Title: Re:Rapture season 2006/2007 facts & evidence
Post by: twobombs on November 29, 2003, 04:08:12 AM
We know that every year has a beginning and an end....   Our gregorian calender has the 1st of january as the starting point, with 31 december as the last day of the year.

The Jews also have a set of these type of days; they occur in the end of september. It is also a Feast, called the feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashana.

When you accept the above, in that 1 day is as 1000 years that is a lot run; but at the end of the 1000 year it will also come to an end.... only to start into the NEXT year.

According to many scolars Christ was born on the day of Rosh Hashana more then 2000 years ago, in 2 BC.......     The new covenant has been opened on pesach 32 AD ( 33.5 years after the birth of Christ ) And the years we now know as the Church Age started for a period of 2000 years.

Soon we will approach the period that marks the end of the 2000 years, and the last final week in the prophecy of Daniel will commence for another period of seven years.

This period of seven years is often quoted as the 2x1260day period. This period is the prophetic calender that has no correction for the leap-year. This period is also marked as the 1x1260 + 1x1290 day period. That period includes the leap month.

It is so important to understand it; as you will be able to not only perfectly time the life that our Lord lived; it also helps with the interpretation of the current prophecies that are for this age.

I am convinced that with the use of the above information e-ve-ry-one will be able to pinpoint *exactly* day, year and maybe even the hour of :
- the rapture
- the great tribulation
- the second coming

The last one is really a give-away after you find out the period of the previous two :)

A great helper is Mathew 24 where Jesus says: " This Generation shall not pass away" Therefore it cannot, cannot, cannot be that one gerenation should or could outpace the 2000 years, or 2000 years be longer then "the Generation". They are the exact day (and age)

The key is the length of one generation,
some say 40, some say 70 years
and from what year this generation started,
Some say its 1948, some say it's 1967.

"Worst" case scenario: 1967 + 70 years = 2037 AD

Unfortunately for the lukewarm christians this is not correct : 32 + 2000 = 2032 AD
This scenario outpaces the one or the other way; the foundation of Israel needs to be taken intoa ccount, as otherwise the 1967 generation would have never been able to witness that the state of Israel 'blossomed' ; they would've still be sucklings in those days. The Generation that Jesus spoke about that will witness all these things is the one and only so-called baby-boom generation, old enough to witness the event of 1967, and within their lifespan to see the last earthly empire rise and come to an apocalyptic end.So babyboomers: if you thought you saw it all, you haven't seen anything YET !

"Best" case scenario: 1948 + 40 years = 1988 AD

Easy to see, yet when you try to find out why this is an error you will see that it is the same error of the above: The persons to whom it applies are not yet alive or adult enough to witness the things that should come to pass, even thought they would almost all outlive the 1988 mark; it is too early, just as the former will be too late.

"Mid" case scenario one: 1948 +70 years = 2018 AD

This scenario cuts down with 19 years when compared to the worst-case; a hard one; yet also in error. You may ask "why" ? This also starts with 1948 as the starting point, yet streches out for a period of 70 years; a generation; it is incorrect.
Several reasons: one of them is that it does not take into account that the people that founded the state of Israel saw it blossoming, yet most of them never saw this side of the century ( Ben Gurion comes to mind ). Let alone the rapture or the second coming itself.

"Mid" case scenario two: 1967 + 40 years - 2007 AD

The one and only: short enough to let the babyboomers live and see everything culminating is this one event; long enough to be the length of one generation.

Eventually this is a game of elimination people !

Now: BIG question is, what will happen ? Apparently this (2003/2004) is not the 70th week of Daniel; no covenant with Israel held more then a few years or so, and for pre-trib rapture believers it is even more obvious...   "they" are not raptured (yet).

More info on this on

Why Should Christians Be Date Setters?

Title: Re:Rapture season 2006/2007 facts & evidence
Post by: twobombs on December 15, 2003, 01:28:18 PM
Also take a look at my site for more information on this subject:

Title: Re:Rapture season 2006/2007 facts & evidence
Post by: twobombs on July 22, 2004, 04:53:03 PM