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Title: How to be saved?
Post by: all4jesus82 on August 02, 2007, 07:43:20 PM
I thought that it would be nice for any one in this fourm or just reading it out curiosity that might not be saved know how to receive Jesus as lord.   The facts are is Jesus 2000 years ago died on the cross for you and me and he loves us so. It does not take much to accept his grace but here's how's how.
                          you must first just find a quiet place or even your car.    And say this dear lord I know I am a sinner and I realize that I can't make it to heaven with out your grace and mercy I ask you jesus to come into my heart and set me free from every thing holding me back I love you lord and I ask forgivness of all my past and present sins.                             AMEN............
      well thats all it takes to have a personal relationship with and you are guarrenteed a place in heaven and his glory.