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Monday, March 19, 2007

On March 17, Rabbi Avi Cohen-Or, and his wife and daughter, died in their van on an icy road near Hebron. As soon as I saw his photo, I was shaken. This rabbi was the founder of a yeshivah that invited me to lecture on the Rabin assassination. He was my advocate. Then I looked at the accident. (see notes) The rabbi had to have been going 80 MPH on a dangerous ice-covered road to cause that crash. This wasn't an accident, I first thought, it had to be suicide. In fact, there was no accident or suicide. Rabbi Cohen-Or was murdered in the undeclared, but very real, war against the religious.

I know how it was done, because it was done to me.

In the year 2000 I was driving to a lecture in Bet Shemesh when my back left wheel collapsed. I managed to gain control of the car and pressed on my brakes. I had no brakes. I lifted the emergency brakes. I had no emergency brakes. This was a miracle, maybe a divine miracle, but I managed, on a busy highway, without brakes or full steering, to coast the car to a stop. Later, after an inspired lecture, I brought a car full of my audience to see the damage. Lecture organizer David Morris photographed the wheel from all angles. All the while, a government van circled us.

The following people were prepared to testify that my car was sabotaged: two Bet Shemesh policemen, my garage owner, my insurance adjuster. In the end, the insurance company called my disaster, "a mechanical failure."

Rabbi Cohen-Or's death was of a similar "failure." A good mechanic could have fixed his gas, steering or brakes. A radio signal would speed the car, turn it or brake it into death.

Those who read me know that Israel's most prominent religious leaders are being killed. The leaders of the left wing of Israel don't suffer from accidents or suicides. The pro-settler community is being decimated by the non-stop loss of its most influential personalities and their families. Hardest hit appears to be the Lubavitch community which lost two more last week when a car, stopped at a light, was crushed by a "wayward" truck. The dead included an influential Rebbetzin whose name happened to be Schneerson, the same name as THE Lubavitch rabbi who was committed to stopping the "peace" in its tracks.


Heavy Snows, Fatal Accident

( Snow storms swept across Israel Thursday, sprinkling Jerusalem and the western Negev and blanketing Gush Etzion, the Golan Heights and Hevron with snow and hail.

The snow closed roads around the capital Thursday morning and led to a fatal car accident near Hevron in which Rabbi Avi Cohen-Or, 42, and his wife, Simcha, 38, were killed.

The accident took place at the Beit Anoun junction. The family's van skid on ice and collided with a bus on the slippery highway, killing the couple and injuring their daughter Gitit (bat Simcha) critically.

22 Adar 5767, 12 March 07 12:34

( Yocheved Chein, wife of Chabad emmissary Rabbi Aharon Chein, will be buried Sunday night in Jerusalem. Chein, 44, was killed along with her mother Raisa Tzedek Schneerson, 62, in a fatal traffic accident Friday at the Yad Binyamin junction.

Chein, an Israeli member of Georgian community, was sent with her husband by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, to work with the community of Georgian immigrants in Forest Hills, NY.

The Rebbetzin and her mother, along with her husband, were on their way to the cemetery to visit the grave of the Rebbitzin's father, on his yahrtzeit.

Heavy Snows, Fatal Accident (