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Title: The Agnostic Violinist: The Conclusion
Post by: Josprel on January 04, 2007, 11:45:45 AM
                                                                                                                           The Agnostic Violinist


The alter call was given.  The minister progressed down the long line of supplicants, finally reaching Sara, Nina cradled in her arms, Paul and Grace behind them.  Addressing her in perfect English, the minister inquired, “Are you saved?”   

“I believed in God,” Sara responded, defensively.

“But are you saved?  Have you received Jesus Christ as your own personal Savior?” he persisted.
“I really don’t understand what you mean. I said I believe in Jesus.”

“You must receive Him into your heart and life, personally,” explained the minister, “You must believe that He died to save you from the power of sin, and that He rose from the grave to give you eternal life. When you confess that, He will save you from your sins.”

“But I already believe all those things. My own religion taught them to me when I was only a little girl.  Anyway, I’m not a bad person. I’m not a sinner.”

“Do you read the Bible?”

Sara shrunk back in horror! “Oh, no! Never!  I would never do something like that; only our priests are permitted to read that book!   My husband just started to read it, but I don’t want him to.  I’ve tried to stop him, but he won’t listen to me. He shuts himself in the bathroom so I can’t stop him from reading it.”

The minister prayed for her, lightly touching her brow with his fingers. Instantly, her legs buckled, and Grace grabbed Nina!

Covered by a blanket, arms lifted toward heaven, eyes closed, oblivious to her surroundings, Sara sang to the Lord in an unknown language with a melody so soul-stirring that other worshipers wept.

Not Paul, though!

Stunned, he watched Sara’s tumor diminish, and then vanish!  Informed by Grace that Nina's fever was gone, he just gapped, slack-jawed!  But, oblivious to time and surroundings, Sara continued her celestial song.

When, finally, she opened her eyes and attempted to speak, an unknown language with melodic tunes were all she could utter.  This lasted for several days, then the phenomenon ceased.  Afterward, Paul brought Sara and Nina to their physician, informing him of the miracles.  Having no other alternative, the doctor pronounced that Sara's tumor had spontaneously disappeared, and that Nina also was cured.

Now Paul knew God existed, and that He answered prayer.  Telling his orchestra he was leaving, he gave all orchestral rights to his assistant, Frank, consecrating his own music to God.  Paul and Sara zealously witnessed of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  They gave their testimony to all who would listen. 

Conducting street meetings in Sara’s hometown brought persecution to the couple.  Nominal Roman Catholics, Sara's parents never attended their own church; nonetheless, Sara’s conversion devastated them.  Even her healing failed to move them! Her youngest brother, with whom she had been exceptionally close, forcefully slapped her across the face and disowned her as his sister.
Paul fared no better with his family. Also nominal Roman Catholics who never attended church, his six brothers and two sisters wanted nothing more to do with them.  Paul’s mother, a plain Italian woman with extremely poor vision, always before had treated Sara as her own daughter.   Immediately after her son, Paul’s, marriage, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had bonded into a loving relationship. Now, her other children informed their mother that Paul and Sara had “lost their minds.”  They insisted that she stay away from them because they might harm her. 

The persecution did not last, however. Within a decade, Sara’s brother, Russell was born again, as was his son (although, sadly, Russell’s wife wanted to hear nothing about being born again.)   Paul’s mother and three of his brothers, with their entire families were saved. Like Paul and Broszi, Paul's brothers also played their musical instruments in the church orchestra.

Sara's only sister, Josephine, also was saved.  Initially, Josephine's husband, Steve - who had achieved the highest degree in his Catholic society and was a well known, popular leader among the Catholics of his home town - threatened to leave his wife unless she abandoned "that crazy heretic religion."  It wasn't long, however, before he also was dramatically born again and then severely harassed by his former associates (an account deserving of its own article.)             

Both Paul and Sara continued to give glory to Jesus Christ, who redeemed them and who answered the prayer of a former agnostic violinist.
                                                                                                                                              © Josprel
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