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Title: Will you pray for Nepal?
Post by: jfn on September 17, 2003, 01:27:08 AM
We beg you in the Lord to remember us in your prayers

1.Peace talk process between the Maoist leaders and the government to end the struggle between the Maoists insurgents and the security forces that is said to have claimed about 15,000 lives in last 8 years has just failed and the war continues.  People are dying every day. Please pray for peace and political stability in Nepal.

2.Satan has a firm grip over this little kingdom, which is called the playground of 330 million Hindu deities from the time immemorial. Pray for Nepal so that the gospel of Jesus Christ will take over our country setting the Nepalese free from satanic bondage.

3.Pray for the pastors and mission workers in Nepal that the Holy Spirit will give them boldness to proclaim the Good news.

4.Please pray for a JFN mission training center building {for two ropanies of land about $ 30,000 US & about $ 70,000.00 US for building}.

5.A church at Pokhara (established in 1996) having about40 believers desperately needs a place for worship. We need about $15,000 (US) to purchase a plot of land and $ 35,000 US for constructing a church building. Please remember us in your prayers.

6.Please pray for the back to the Bible training center to be commenced from the first week of February 2004. We plan to keep 12 students in our first batch and it takes $100 US to train a student for one month. We need 100x12=$1,200 US.

Your prayers,encouragements and supports will enable us to win Nepal,the only hindu country in the world for Jesus.

If you are interested in being a part of JFN Ministries to rescue the dying people of Nepal, please feel free to contact us at the address below or just fill up the form provided in this page.Your prayers and gifts help this ministry fulfill the vision and mandate God has placed before the Body of Christ!:

The President
Jesus For Nepal Ministries
Post Box:131
Kaski-Pokhara, NEPAL.