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Title: Anti P.C. joke???
Post by: laterunner on June 24, 2006, 05:43:32 AM

 I'm against this overboard love of the Political Correctness in our countries. So is this is a way round it.?   :?  :P  :lol:  8)   :shock:   :D
  Nationality 1  (N1)
  Nationality 2  (N2)                   it's your choice
  Nationality 3  (N3)

 Evey day the workers on the building site, took their lunch boxes up to what ever height they were working at that day.
At midday the opened their boxes.
   N1 says''Not again I've got Marmite sandwiches, if she give them to me again I'll throw myself of this building'
   N2 says '' Ork now, ma sweet has made Marmite sarnies once again I'll be jumping off this staging if she dina give me something other than these tomorrow''
   N3 says '' Begorra I've Marmite sandwiches again, I'll be doing the same as you two if there is no change tomorrow''.

The next day come as does the lunch break.
  N1 opens his boxes '' Oh no '' he says & jump off to splat on the paving below.
  N2 '' Tis'na reat, I dina believe it Marmite again'' he runs & dives off the staging, making a terrible mess on the deck below.
  N3 ''Bejeppers  there's no change''  he runs & jump to his death.

At the funeral the wives gathered.

The first wife says'' If only he had told me I would have bought some ham''
The second says '' He never complained , how was iI to know he hated them''
The third said ''I don't understand it, he always made his own sandwiches.''[/quote]