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Post by: Soldier4Christ on June 02, 2006, 11:15:56 AM
How the 'feminization of America'
destroys boys, men and women

In honor of Fathers Day, the June edition of Whistleblower magazine is a mega-eye-opener exploring one of the most crucial but little-reported phenomena of modern America what WND calls "THE WAR ON FATHERS."

The evidence of this almost unthinkable scenario is everywhere:

SCHOOL: In public school classrooms across America, in every category and every demographic group, boys are falling behind. Girls excel and move on to college, where three out of five students are female, while young boys who don't naturally thrive when forced to sit still at a desk for six hours a day are diagnosed by the millions with new diseases that didn't exist a generation ago. To make their behavior more acceptable, they are compelled to take hazardous psycho-stimulant drugs like Ritalin.

Boys are more than 50 percent more likely to repeat elementary school grades than girls, a third more likely to drop out of high school and twice as likely to have a "learning disability." And the suicide rate among teen boys is far higher than that of girls.

"What we have done," explains Thomas Mortenson, senior scholar at the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education, "is we have a K-12 school system that seems to work relatively well for girls and does not work for a very large share of boys."

HOME: It's well known that roughly half of America's marriages end in divorce, but not nearly as well known that two out of three of those divorces are initiated by the wives. Moreover, America's family court system is scandalously biased in favor of the mother in child custody disputes. Fathers get custody of children in uncontested cases only 10 percent of the time and 15 percent of the time in contested cases. Meanwhile, mothers get sole custody 66 percent of the time in uncontested cases and 75 percent of the time in contested cases.

"Where you have minor children, there's really no such thing as no-fault divorce for fathers," says Detroit attorney Philip Holman, vice president of the National Congress for Fathers and Children. "On the practical level, fathers realize that divorce means they lose their kids."

Unfortunately, this loss by children of their fathers' influence is directly responsible far more than any other cause for the modern national scourges of gang life, crime and much more.

CULTURE: Fifty years ago, "Father knows best" was a hit TV show, in which insurance agent Jim Anderson (actor Robert Young) would come home from work each evening, trade his sport jacket for a nice, comfortable sweater, and then deal with the everyday growing-up problems of his family. He could always be counted on to resolve that week's crisis with a combination of kindness, fatherly strength and common sense.

Today, television virtually always portrays husbands as bumbling losers or contemptible, self-absorbed egomaniacs. Whether in dramas, comedies or commercials, the patriarchy is dead, at least on TV where men are fools unless of course they're gay. On "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," the "fab five" are supremely knowledgeable on all things hip, their life's highest purpose being to help those less fortunate than themselves that is, straight men to become cool.

As this issue of Whistleblower shows, experts like Ph.D. scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, author of "The War Against Boys," agree: "It's a bad time to be a boy in America." Sommers provides example after example of what can only be called an all-out anti-male campaign:

    "The carnage committed by two boys in Littleton, Colorado," declares the Congressional Quarterly Researcher, "has forced the nation to reexamine the nature of boyhood in America." William Pollack, director of the Center for Men at McLean Hospital and author of the best-selling "Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood," tells audiences around the country, "The boys in Littleton are the tip of the iceberg. And the iceberg is all boys."

In fact, Sommers reveals, it has become fashionable in elitist circles to conspire to change boys' very identity:

    There are now conferences, workshops, and institutes dedicated to transforming boys. Carol Gilligan, professor of gender studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education, writes of the problem of "boys' masculinity � in a patriarchal social order." Barney Brawer, director of the Boys' Project at Tufts University, told Education Week: "We've deconstructed the old version of manhood, but we've not [yet] constructed a new version." In the spring of 2000, the Boys' Project at Tufts offered five workshops on "reinventing Boyhood." The planners promised emotionally exciting sessions: "We'll laugh and cry, argue and agree, reclaim and sustain the best parts of the culture of boys and men, while figuring out how to change the terrible parts."

"Terrible"? As this edition of Whistleblower shows, there is nothing wrong and a very great deal right with boys and masculinity. As maverick feminist Camille Paglia courageously reminds her men-hating colleagues, masculinity is "the most creative cultural force in history."

"The problem," said David Kupelian, managing editor of WND and Whistleblower, "is that misguided feminists, intent on advancing a radically different worldview than the one on which this nation was founded, have succeeded in fomenting a revolution. And that revolution amounts to a powerful and pervasive campaign against masculinity, maleness, boys, men and patriarchy."


The thing that I noticed that is not mentioned here is what the Bible tells us is the answer to these problems. A discussion that has been ongoing, at least in part, on this forum in many different threads. What a family is, what is the role and responsibility of each member of the family. Nor is it mentioned as to when these problems started occuring  ......  with the removal of God, Bible and prayer from public schools. The total downfall of society is caused by the rejection of God and His teachings.

Post by: Brother Jerry on June 08, 2006, 05:30:16 PM
Brother the only first thing I can say to this is AMEN.

I have two boys myself and they are being raised to respect who they are, who God is, and the role they play in God's plan.  They are to be spiritually strong and lead their families when they have them.  God gave men the role of leaders of the household, just as Christ was head of the church. 

Let me tell you in my personal life that the first few years of marriage were very rough for my wife and I.  She was very strong willed and I was very weak spiritually.  We went through some very dark times and the last one God had me down.  I came up from that time renewed in my faith (I was already saved but not walking the walk).  In short order my spiritual walk was turned around, and I stepped up to do what God had created me to do.  Jesus was in our house again as a companion and friend, instead of "overbearing overseer" and in the past 4 years since that time my wife and I have had one arguement, and that was settled peacefully, quickly and with Jesus as the mediator.  Our household is blessed and when it comes to matters of the church I lead the way as it was meant to be.  And I thank Jesus every single day for getting allowing our home to be His home too.

Let me also state that you will not find in the Bible where a woman is directed to love the husband.  You will find where they are to respect their husband.  But the husband is directed to love the wife.  Sit back and think about that and what you as a wife or you as a husband really thrive on.  I know that myself and most men want and need to be respected moreso than anything else.  Yes to have our wives love us is greatly important, but to be respected is top.  A wife and women I know around me, they talk about their husbands, boyfriends, etc and they speak of being loved.  And when the man does not show that they love their wife the wife in turn loses respect for the man.  Amazing how God told us that all along. 

And the first step in the circle of marriage has to come from the man.  If a man will show that he loves the wife and this is in the actions of the man, then the wife will respect him.  A man walking with Jesus and leading his family in a good Godly walk will have a wife that will follow him to the ends of the earth.  Not just out of love but a love born of respect for the man that is leading her.  And what deeper love can we experience between two people.

Men step up and be the man that God tells you to be.  Grab that beautiful woman by you and take her out on a date.  We have it backwards if we think we date to get married.  We should be getting married so we can date.  Show her you love her and allow God to show in your love for her.  And peace will reign in your home and your entire family will be blessed.

Brother Jerry

Post by: Soldier4Christ on June 08, 2006, 06:57:50 PM
Amen, brother!

Post by: Amorus on June 15, 2006, 02:10:42 PM

I have two boys myself and they are being raised to respect who they are, who God is, and the role they play in God's plan.  They are to be spiritually strong and lead their families when they have them.  God gave men the role of leaders of the household, just as Christ was head of the church. 

Amen Brothers!