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Title: I am going to Northern Ireland for ministry in June.
Post by: Kelly4Jesus on April 30, 2006, 04:41:45 PM
I have ministered to many over the years, using the good Lord's trials and tribulations in my life to help others. I have helped rape victims, drug addicts and bereaved parents--all because God had let me go through these trials myself, saved me from them and then guided me to help others that were lost in the dark place I once had been.

I had England on my heart, and really believed that was where I was meant to go to help others. I have wanted to do missionary work for years, but couldn't find an opportunity to do so. I have 5 children; two have autism and one has mild CP. I was separated and a single parent for almost 5 years, until God restored my marriage over a year ago. God has been faithful to us in so many ways.

After refusing the first, second and third request to go to Northern Ireland, I went out to pray. I heard, quite firmly, "This is not your choice of places to go, but it is mine". I immediately wrote the mission leader back and told her that, after praying I knew this is where God wanted me to work for Him.

I am at the sponsor stage now. If anyone has done missionary work, could they give me some hints on how to find sponsors? I sent out emails to all my friends back home, but got no responses. I am new to Kansas and know very few people here. Our church is not a wealthy church, by any means, and the congregation is mostly inner city people. I have no clue on how to get sponsors, so any ideas would be most welcome.

I know God will provide, for He wants me to go. I found myself worrying about the funds last night, with May now here, and heard, quite clear, "Be Still and know that I am God".

He will find a way to get me there, to help children in this place where hatred is part of their every day life! Jesus will fill their hearts, and I pray to be a good vessel for Him, changing lives in His name!

God Bless!

Title: Re: I am going to Northern Ireland for ministry in June.
Post by: Shammu on April 30, 2006, 04:46:48 PM
Hello Kelly and welcome to Christian Unite forums. I will pray for your ministery, in northern Ireland. My ancestors come from northern Ireland, in Londonberry county. But thats back in 1752 they left.

Title: Re: I am going to Northern Ireland for ministry in June.
Post by: Soldier4Christ on April 30, 2006, 04:54:46 PM
Hi again Kelly and welcome to Christians Unite. I will join in prayer for you and your missionary work. Sponsors are usually gained through an organization for Missionaries. Check with your local church. They should already have the information. It is also done by contacting different churches asking them to sponsor you. These churches, if interested, will usually want to talk with you and may even ask you to come to the church to tell about your mission.